photo dump friday

Ok so the week kind of got away from me on the blog front, but we forgive, we hug, we move on.

We move on to Photo Dump Friday. I can just hear the excitement in your heart.
It's here. Photo Dump Friday is here. Calm down.

Not a big week here - not gonna lie - it was insane busy. I have a lot of side projects that I took on and yesterday was d-day, which was rude because that meant every nap time went to "working" instead of blogging or watching Vampire Diaries - which, if we can be honest, has completely jumped the shark and is DOA. I'm watching for sport at this point. Is there a TV version of the Razzie awards? I nominate VD, but I digress.

NEwayz, the remnants of our week told via my cell phone.

I'm gonna give you a minute to recover.


Ok. So before you dial 9-1-CPS, that's a fake cigarette. I'm assuming your family is like mine and you have a set of those laying around for just an occasion like this. Chuck's Mom keeps them in a bag along with the fake vomit and the fake poo. She also has not one but TWO slot machines at her house. This is the "garage" slot machine. Sam received quite the education at Grandma's house last weekend.

Confession: I may MAY have tinkled just slightly on the floor of said garage after taking this picture. Vicky and I have done many things in our 13 years together. This was our best by far.

Much more traditional Grandma-Grandson photo.

At least when I bent over I ripped the legs not the butt. The butt would have been embarrassing. I'm pretty sure it was the amount of crawling on the ground I do in these jeans that caused the rip not excessively fat knees. I did openly cry when this happened. These were my Jeans. Capital J. I have jeans. And I have Jeans. These were Jeans.  

Fe found this little gem from 10 years ago. Brothers don't shake hands.
Another gem that was found this week by my cousin, David. These are PK's parents. Don't they look fabulous?

There was a brief "party with your pants off" in Grandma's kitchen.

There was also an epic amount of pudding eaten at Grandma's house.

As I mentioned before, there are two slot machines at Grandma's. He loves the garage one. The inside one is from the early 1900s and a tad louder - but not really, he's such a baby. He is not a fan of that one. Of course we only did this once and then stopped immediately. Or we tested the theory of "Sam's slot machine hatred" multiple times on our trip. Test results were very conclusive.
Not entirely sure who had more fun on their trip to Lowe's, Sam or Grandpa.

Just a little picture of Eating Boy and Dog Cat. BS (before Sam) Jack wouldn't eat roast beef left for him. Since Sam, I've seen him eat oatmeal, bananas, eggs, strawberries, and Gerber baby puffs. Dog Cat.

Dog Cat is not to be confused with Long Pillow Sleep Cat.
These two on Pajama Friday. They are trouble, trouble, trouble.

And the happiest boy you'll ever meet.


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  1. Yeah I love these! I can't believe how big our littles are getting. And that high chair hanging on the table gets me every time. I think our Sam is floating!!!


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