monday meals mashup: week four

Hello Monday, it's grocery day.

Sam and I just finished our meal plan for the week, we've made our grocery list and now, exhausted from all the work he didn't do or help with, he's down for his nap.

When he gets up, we'll head to the store where he is the bell of the Monday Morning QFC Ball. It's his time to shine.

Let's get to the week.

Going backwards a little, I didn't have my handle on the weekend last Monday when we made our list, so we had to make an extra trip to the store Saturday. This is my most hated thing - extra grocery trips. Put it next to compasses, the word "moisture", and the Angie's List commercials.

In an effort to give out more recipes and ideas, here was the weekend:

Saturday: Spicy Thai Noodles - I use this recipe (half it for us), make a really simple peanut sauce from a Better Homes recipe, and have some stir fry veggies on the side. It's a pretty bomb dinner.

Sunday: Steak and Spaghetti. It's a my-side-of-the-family classic

Ok. Here's what we have coming up:

Monday: Hot Dogs on the grill. Chuck spent all weekend working outside smelling everyone else's grilled goodness. His request for the week. Don't have to ask me twice.

Tuesday: Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches in the crockpot. This is so easy. A few boobies, a bottle of BBQ sauce and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. To serve them, I top them with the best coleslaw recipe I've ever found (it calls for buttermilk, which I never have but you can make buttermilk by adding 1 T vinegar to 1 cup milk, let stand 5 minutes).

Wednesday: Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce. Our new recipe for the week. Fingers crossed.

Thursday: Sausage Mac and Cheese. Oh this recipe is so amazing. My friend Karen brought this over when Sam was born and it's been in The Rotation ever since. We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary together. I might have a party for this recipe AND for Sam. Or maybe just for the recipe.

Friday: Rachael Ray's Super Sloppy Joes. We've been eating this recipe since 2006. Still just as good. She actually has two recipes for Sloppy Joe's that over the years I morphed together. More or less, it's the recipe I linked to above plus four hot dogs sliced in rounds added in once the meat browns. Best Sloppy Joe's you'll ever eat.

Saturday: Long day of backyard work for Chuck and photo shoot work for Me so Sam is cooking. He says probably McDonalds.

Sunday: Happy Easter! We're having Brunch for Dinner, and it will be lovely.

Head on over to Ashley at Life on the Parsons Farm to see her meal plan as part of our blog link-up.


  1. You know, on second thought after sending you those recipes, I'm thinking I'm just going to come over to your house every night for dinner... Thanks! :P

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  3. I just tried a Sriracha Salmon dish for the first time last week! If that one isn't everything you hoped it would be, this was amazing. I just used a 1lb salmon filet because a whole salmon is just crae and I baked it in the oven on 400.


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