lucas + sam = bff

At the last pajama Friday, there was a BIG first.

Lucas hugged for the first time ever. Baby hugs are the best hugs because it's not like they can say I love you any better way.

So that's why Lucas saved his first every hug for his Mom Sam.

He crawled at lightning speed to get to his best friend, arms around him, and laid his head on Sam. It was a beautiful display of friendship and after giving him life, keeping him alive, and loving him, Jessica was just thrilled that Sam got the first hug.

It sounds about right.

These two were destined to be best friends. You can say all you want that children don't "play" together or recognize the presence of another kid until much older - then you meet these two.

Throwback Thursday: blog edition - The Sam and Lucas Friendship.
(Also known as Susie is getting a little emotional about Sam turning 1 year in two weeks and needs to look at old pictures to see where the baby went.)

The Introduction: Sam is 1 hour old, Lucas is 9 weeks. Already the same size. Sam caught up quick.

First play date: Sam is two weeks old and was a terrible host. Slept through most of the "play" part of the date.

First hand hold. They will love this in high school.

The day their other bestie, Noah, was born. The looks of anxious anticipation OR hatred of a 100 mile car ride. Either or.


First fight.

First fight over a girl (except this fight was over who "gets" her).

First time caught making trouble together. They emptied out the diaper bins quick.

13 months and 11 months. This was moments after the first hug.

Odds have it that Lucas will be the cool kid someday and Sam will be a little nerdy. Good news is, Sam will help with homework and Lucas will help Sam get into the good parties. Long term bet, obviously.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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