happy infertility awareness week.

I had no idea that I had an awareness week. And I am THRILLED.
Happy National Infertility Awareness Week!

Friends. Romans. Countryblogman. Lend me your ears and let me ask you something: Where are freaking balloons? Why has no one sent flowers? People. An eCard would suffice at this point. I have an awareness week. I am suddenly very aware of myself.

You see, I was under the assumption that the day to celebrate my inability to procreate took place at the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which as I'm sure you know, is September 8th and is a big dinner at McDonalds honoring Sam's IVF existence. It is definitely not a Catholic holiday. That's a lie. It definitely is a Catholic holiday and apparently has zero to do with me or Sam.

So imagine how delighted I was to find out that though I've lost my celebration day (insert emoji frowny face), I have gained a celebration week. Hot damn! I'm 'bout to go buy a lottery ticket.

Here's what I have to say about infertility: It sucks.
You can't do what humans are meant to do and that just sucks.
It just plain sucks. (I'm really weaving a tapestry of poetic verbiage, aren't I?)

You are warned that the week ahead will be a fair number of infertility posts while I celebrate my week of you being aware of me. I'm pretty sure that's the spirit of National Infertility Awareness Week.

Tonight. Just some facts.

We are 1 in 8. Odds are you know us and a few other friends struggling with infertility, whether you realize it or not. This is our reality for creating a family. It's not pretty, but the end result sure is.


  1. Thinking of you dear friend an just loving Sam so much!!


  2. Happy that you have a happy ending, sorry for your struggles!!


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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