11 months. wtf. omg. lol. jk.

I'll be honest. The title got a little away from me. I'd say we're lucky there wasn't a hashtag or a ttfn thrown in for funsies.

I mailed his birthday invites yesterday.


It's the clich√© every parent says. "They grow up too fast." And it's the truth. There's nothing I can do about it or say about it to make it stop, or to make him stop, or to make the growing slow down. Or to find a different way to say "they grow up too fast".

And I'm only in the 11th month of this business.

I have friends with 6 and 7 year olds who were toddlers yesterday.
Heck, Lucy is 5, people. F-I-V-E. She registered for Kindergarten. My sweet girl will be in Kindergarten.

I'm glad I'm That Mom and take pictures of Sam every day.
I'm glad I faithfully write in his baby book each week.
I'm glad I have this blog of memories so I can look back and remember.

It's an interesting gift to be able to look at your child and know you might not get this again. It forces you to savor a little more than maybe you otherwise would. Like someone does with a baby they know is their youngest.

Because this might be my only - and thank the Lord I even have that - so I'm trying to be extra careful to savor it all. I'm not saying you aren't doing that with your babies, please don't read me wrong. I just don't have the luxury of saying "with my next kid" or "when we have another" and the very nature of that makes things different. On some level, you can understand that.

We are coming to the end of Baby Sam.
Moving into Toddler Sam.
And I'm sad for me and excited for him.

I'm hoping he keeps some of the baby as long as possible, except for the part where he eats everything because I'd really like to go to the park and let him crawl around without de-rocking his mouth every 3 seconds.

I'm hoping he keeps wanting me close and choosing to be near me.

I'm hoping he keeps being his version of independent. He's not an "I DO IT MYSELF" kid. He's a show me, teach me, I'm interested kid. He's his Dad.

Oh Sam, you brighten up each room. Each day. Each life you touch.
Someday, I hope you understand what a gift, what a miracle your life is.

Happy 11 months, Samson.
We love you beyond words.

I know, Sam. I'm as shocked as you are that you're 11 months old. Down hill from here, kid.
Only person in the house who will eat the heal of the bread and think it's awesome.

"MOM - NO! I'm busy."

"Let me tell you 'bout my best friend..." 

The Great Samdini preforms the very difficult stacking cup trick with the help of his assistant, the glamorous Miss Jack.

He looks like a know it all here.
Waiting for his first hair cut. Shocking that we got him one, right?

Big surprise. He didn't make a peep.

Exploring Grandma's house.

He learned some valuable skills at Grandma's house.

This is Polli and she is my favorite person on Earth. Actually, these are my two favorites so I was busting. Polli lived across the street from Chuck all his life and I fell in love with her when I was 18. I don't have any Grandmas so Polli has been that for me for well over a decade. She asked me how much I loved being a Mom and loved Sam. Before I could answer she said this:

"It's like trying to measure the ocean with teaspoons."

I love her so much.

More valuable skills learned at Grandmas.

The Royal Family released a new official portrait. Consider theirs one-upped.

Posing with his new BFF.

Eating the tail of his other BFF.

I want to always remember how he inspects things so gently...

...then immediately puts them in his mouth.

Best Friend bath time. Can't wait to add this to the Senior Slide Show in 2031.

The "I may have sucked in some bath water but I can't be sure" face.

11 down. 1 to go.

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  1. He is just the cutest!! I love seeing him grow on that rocking chair. Also I love that he had enough hair for a haircut. I am not planning on cutting Ellie's for about 12 years!! Ha


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