why my sister in law is cooler than yours.

Maybe starting with a picture from 2006 isn't exactly the way to begin a post about being "cool" but whatever. It's Throwback Thursday man. I don't make the social media rules, I just follow them.


That picture. Oh Chuck, you are a sick man. (In your best Chandler Bing voice) Could we look anymore alike here? (Now switch to a taunting voice) Someone tried to marry their sister.

Ew. Gross.

Good news (?) we've aged into looking less alike than we do here, but that's mostly because my hair is a lot shorter. No matter what we do, we for sure look more like sisters than me and my sister.

That is Nan. Aunt Nan, formally.

Nan is a designer and her pieces are fabulous. And this post is about that.

Nan owns nan-made objects - how cute is that name? She works in mainly Pendleton wool and leather right now. She's so much like me. No really. Like how I work mainly in macaroni and cheese and diapers - do you see it now? Practically the same person.

Ugh. She is so much cooler than me.

I'd say I'm writing this to promote her, but she doesn't need any promotion from me. Her stuff is selling like crazy all over the Northwest and a little store named Patagonia has started selling her pieces. Maybe you've heard of it.

Actually, I've been meaning to show off Nan's work for a long time but her Etsy shop (nan-made objects) is never full for long enough - she keeps selling out. A high class problem.

It's not surprising.

Her stuff is bomb.

So this is more about me being able to say "Look who I'm related to!!" and maybe I'll be cooler in your mind because of it than anything else.

At least I can dream...

nan-made objects
Probably go check it out.
And probably buy something.
Who knows what a vintage Nan Allison might go for one day.
I'm really just trying to help you.
Ok I'm done.
No more enters I promise.
I lied.
Over and out.

The newest item. Cross body fold over bags.

Wool and leather wristlet. I just got one of these for my birthday. It's fabulous.

Wool and leather tote bags.

Small zippered pouch. I also have one of these. It's perfect as my wallet or a small clutch.

This is a sneak peek of what she's working on now. It's all leather and to die for.

I can't end the post without a picture of Nan and her favorite baby. And just for a refresher, remember that she made Sam that pea coat for Christmas.

Can't buy this item - it's an Aunt Nan "one of a kind".

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