that one time PK and I went to Disneyland.

So. This happened.

I don't even know where to start this post or how to explain this. Should we just go straight to the facts and the backstory? Let's. I just love when you agree with me. Or rather when I decide that Future You reading this post agrees with me.

Ok. So. I basically, Reader's Digest version, texted PK in January some "fun facts". I actually said that. I said it was Fun Fact Sunday. Here were the facts: February is one of the "low months" in Disneyland. I LOVE Disneyland. I am currently "unemployed" and free most weekdays.

I'm a giver - naturally, we know this - so I felt like "Wow, what a gift Fun Fact Sunday is for PK." That guy is so lucky to have me around.

That guy texted me back with a booked flight and hotel. So well played.

Oh, right so about that "unemployment". No, I get that I technically work for Samuel Allison, LLC, and let me tell you, he is a tough employer. Grueling work hours. No sick time or paid vacation. I don't know what your boss is like, but mine has peed on me. It's rough working conditions over here.

So I may have dropped him in a hot second.

I did drop him into the very capable hands of his father (my baby daddy) and the Fe (his Mom Mom) so it's not like I just left him on the streets of Seattle with a Taggies blanket and a bottle and said "smell 'ya later."

And before we get back to our amazing trip to Disneyland, a few notes. Chuck and Sam went to stay with Fe during this time. Because that's normal - to stay with your Mother-in-Law. Actually that's super normal. Chuck and I both love our in-laws very much so spending time with them without the other is no big thang. In fact, in the (hopeful) event of a divorce (fingers crossed), party lines could get interesting.

So was it super hard to leave Sam and go away for 2.5 days? Of course....NOT. Of course not. I was going to Disneyland. With my Dad. PS: This does not make me a bad mom for being A-OKAY with leaving him or you a bad mom for not leaving yours. To each her own. This was super fine with me and I super needed a vacation. It has been a Susie and Sam show for 18 months now and I needed some time to "miss" him.

OK, NOW back to PK and Me.

Funny enough, if you can believe this, we were the only Father - 30 year old Daughter combination that we saw at Disneyland. Which is weird. Because let me tell you, this was the absolute best. There isn't much else I can say beyond that. I think you can guess how special this was and what a memory this was and what a wonderful moment in my life this was. I don't really need to spell it all out for you, do I?

We left on Monday night, spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the Parks, and took the 9 pm flight back to reality. A few fun facts (oh look! We've come full circle): We spent 16.5 hours in the Parks and road on 40 rides. We nailed it. We did California Screamin' six times because it's amazing, had lunch at the Pirates of the Caribbean (amazing) and ate two chirros because they are - say it with me - amazing.

Here's my favorite moment. Oh, preface: PK and I are super competitive. Put us together. Are you familiar with Monica Gellar? Day two morning we wiggled our way to the front of the line at the end of Main Street USA. The goal was simple: Peter Pan. It's a must but not a must at a 40 minute wait. This was our Disneyland do or die moment. The park opened. We walked. But then everyone else started running and oh heck no, so I took off. I may be almost 31 years old with a 9 month old baby, but trust me - I can probably still run faster than you (and be more humble than you). Dad was being an angel and "brisk walking" to catch me. He was graciously thanked by a park worker for walking. "Gee thanks" he told her "but the sprinting is about to begin." And he took off, caught me and guess who were the first two people to ride Peter Pan?

We came. We saw. We big time conquered.

Best trip ever.

Take in the WHOOOOOLE outfit. Appropriate shoes. Backpack. There was also a zip up hoodie. So appropriate. All of it had to be borrowed from friends.

This was our response to a ridiculous text from Fe saying if we are so tired we hurt, why not call it a night an hour early?  So hurtful.

You are welcome.
Later I will be posting all the shenanigans of Fe and Sam whilst I was away. That kid partied hard with her and had a lifetime of fun in two days.

Until then, just some food for thought: Consider going on vacation with your Dad. I promise you will not regret it.

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  1. a) good job on the sneakers.
    b) who did you borrow those from? I love them and need them.
    c)I love this trip and this post. You guys are adorable.
    d) again, PK I'm also available at a moments notice. My frequent flyer # is 10254236I'llquitmyjobrightnow4562.


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