photo dump friday

aka let's see what's on my phone from this week.
aka there's nothing else to post about today.
aka there actually are plenty of other good stories to tell but those have real photos that need actual editing and that doesn't sound like fun to me right now.

Wow, I can't believe the title I chose when I had so many other GREAT options to go with.

Today we'll take a peek into my iPhone at allllll the winning moments from yet another stellar, stuff dreams are made of type week at our house. Not really, but hey - there were some good times that didn't actually make it into blog posts because you know, not everything's a winner. Yikes - not really sure this is a winner but whatever. I've started this and by George, I'm gonna finish it.

Photo dump Friday here we come.

The arms behind the head is the new preferred position. I don't know if he's just finally that frustrated with me or if he is just super relaxed and casual. Pretty sure it's the frustrated one.

BIG NEWS. HUGE. I parallel parked.
Don't. Judge.
I could barely park my Civic coupe. The beast car? This was a heavenly miracle.
Again. Stop judging. I am very proud of myself and so were my parents and Chuck.
Yes, I sent this picture to them because I was so excited.
I know it's not even a tight space, right, I get that. I don't care. I'm having this picture framed for our living room.

1. What kind of bug is this?
2. Why were they all over my house last year and why are they back?

 I think these are the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my life and I swear to you, they have it out for me. This one was IN MY HAIR. (I've also been attacked while nursing.) I thought water fell on me outside, I came in, and I was being mauled. I added a very accurate scale to the above picture so you could see how massive they are. I cannot handle them. I'm moving out. I sent Chuck a very calm text letting him know that he can either get rid of them or get rid of the house.

I call this "Unicorn stoned baby".

He was getting very handsy with Naked Baby (Lucy's doll, her name). Apparently this was a private moment and not meant for the camera. "No pictures PLEASE!"

What a little gentlemen riding in his stroller with his legs crossed.

This is a great skill to have and I am just bursting with happiness that he figured it out. So excited about this. So excited. #soblessed.

He does not understand candles. It smells like food, but he can't eat it. I could put it away OR I could laugh at him every time this happens. Guess which one I do? 
Shower Sam was doing his best Titanic impression. He saw Jack and told him he would never let go. I didn't even know he'd seen the movie yet. They grow up so fast.

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  1. I love this. All of it. Especially the captions. The candle and shower are the winners in my book. Can Ellie come over and get lessons on how to be a ham?


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