not exactly what i was going for, but i'll take it.

I had a fantastic idea around 11 am this morning.

I would do something spontaneous and fun and make a memory with Sam that I would remember forever and he would remember through pictures. He would look at the photos and think, "Wow, my Mom did the BEST stuff with me. No wonder I'm going to Harvard and barely need any therapy!"

What did I decide to do? I decided to make oobleck. Or gak to the non-primary teacher person. Or cornstarch + water to the non-teacher, I work in the real world type person. This really is a fantastically fun activity for the toddler through 31 year old crowd. It makes an "is it a solid or is it a liquid?" kind of substance and it is addicting to play with.

As I mixed the oobleck for our "sensory time", I thought about how fun this would be. I thought about how terrific it would be for him to play with. I thought, "Oooh, I can blog this and show everyone what fun oobleck is AND (*bonus*) that I can parent Sam without accidentally hurting him, taking him to McDonalds or bathing him with his clothes on" (see my life last week if this doesn't make sense).

I made a generous batch of oobleck and even had high hopes of saving some for a later date. Oh Susan. Little did you know.

I knew this would be messy so I definitely prepared well for it (head shake). I did have a towel handy AND I stripped Sam to his white onesie. This is major progress for me. I am turning into a real Boy Scout here (Ya' no, be prepared. Get it?).

Oh, I also had my camera primed and ready to capture the memories.
Wonder Mom status here I come! I'm going to be one of those bloggers that people pin to Pinterest for amazing ideas of activities to do with children. I can feel it coming. (No.)

He had the best time playing with the oobleck. I can't even tell you how great it felt to see his little mind just a'working away and seeing him discover this interesting texture. He played with this for so long in the Tupperware bowl and just really enjoyed himself.

He put his hands in it for about 3 seconds and dumped the whole thing.
Could I have put the camera down and stopped it? Let me answer that. I did, the first attempt at tipping it. And the second attempt, and the third attempt.

Attempt number four was when I said "oh heck with it" and let him do what he wanted to do with it so desperately and I reasoned that at least I could catch this downfall of an idea on film.

Please to remember that this isn't a liquid. It may look like a liquid in the pictures but it's a part liquid/part solid hybrid disaster that Sam is about 45 seconds away from swimming in. Sorry to spoil that surprise. You'll get to those pictures soon, real soon.

On a plus side, it is so important as a Mom to find activities that both your kids can enjoy together so we can put this one in the win category.

Again, it should be noted that I have given up on life by now and am #overit. I'm just letting it happen. Sometimes that's the best thing you can do.

I swear to you his nostrils, boogers, et al are still white and it has been hours since this blessed event. Between the amount of oobleck he ate AND the amount of Dawn dish soap bubbles he sucked down as a chaser, I'm pretty sure lunch was redundant.

The dish soap bubble consumption was a result of the sink bath holding cell I put him in while I attended to the disaster area. That kid was just a little bit dirty and we had just a small mess on our hands that, again, is both solid and liquid. It was a joy to clean up and was definitely a three step process.

Ok so my bright idea at 11 am this morning was to be spontaneous, make a memory, and have some sensory time. All told, I really nailed my objectives here. Really, really nailed them. I'm sure this is exactly how it goes for all those Mommy blogger on Pinterest. Someday, people. 


  1. I love this. Next time you want to make it please let me and Ellie know so we can come over and make the mess at your house. I certainly would love it and might even help clean up afterwards.

  2. Jack! You're still alive! So good to see you make a cameo -- it's been way too long! Oh, and glad Sam had a great time too...


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