[monday meals mashup] week one

Happy Monday - oh who am I kidding? No one likes Monday and no one likes someone who wishes a Happy Monday. Oh hey there, happy "it's not the weekend - day 1 of 5". It just doesn't ring true. No one likes that. No one likes Monday.
And that is what I brought you here for. A rant about Monday.
I'm trying something new with the blog, which is so hard for me because (as you may remember) I suffer from RTC - resistant to change disorder.  This is nothing big, because I can't handle big big, but something small for Mondays. I'm starting a blog link-up with my dear friend Ashley of "Life on the Parsons Farm". I wrote a little diddy about Ashley here last summer and explained our connection through school and through infertility.
Each Monday, Ashley and I will link our blogs to share our meal plans for the week. This was Ashley's New Year's resolution - to meal plan each week - and as sad as it sounds, meal planning is one of my favorite things, so this was a match made in blog heaven.
I KNOW. Stop shaking your head and stop cringing. I have been very honest-ish on this blog thing about my life issues. This is one of them. I like figuring out the meals for the week, and I've always liked it. It's a Fe thing. Cue your singing of "She get it from her Mama" because that is where this obsession came from.
It's a sick fun and I like it. I like trying to keep the bill as low as possible. I like trying to make recipes overlap so that I don't waste anything (if one recipe calls for sour cream, I'll find something else that needs sour cream). I like asking Chuck each Sunday if there's anything he wants for the week and getting the same two answers every week: baked ziti and beef & bean burritos. He is so helpful with this.
I always get a few questions about meal planning, so I'll try to give you a little information on what I do. After I get Chuck's super helpful input, I sit down with my recipe book, Pinterest open, and the weekly ad from the grocery store. That way I can see what is on sale and plan accordingly - which is why we are having salmon on Thursday this week. It's on sale. I do one big grocery run and get it all at once. I used to do this on Sundays pre-Sam; now we go Mondays because it's quiet and it's something to do.
So that's about it. There will be a post similar to this every Monday on our quest to make meal planning even easier. Ok so it's not the most noble of causes but it's a cause and that works for me.
I've included links to the recipes I use or added the recipe at the bottom of the post. I am in such a giving mood. You.Are.Welcome.
Monday: Pasta soup. (recipe below)
Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff. This is the recipe I started with years ago but I've since added 4 oz of cream cheese in with the sour cream mix and a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce. I'm practically Julia Childs.  
Wednesday: Slow Cooker Coconut Chicken. New recipe for the week. Wish me luck. It looks good. But it could be a total dud. Could be pancakes for dinner. You never know...
Thursday: Grilled salmon with avocado salsa. We had this about a month ago and it was bomb so it's made it in the official rotation.
The weekend is covered for meals so this is a light week for us. Always good to start something new on an atypical week. Oh well. I'm fine with it.
See Ashley's meal plan for here week at "Life on the Parsons Farm."
Bloggers interested in joining our Monday link up can grab the HTML code and button from my sidebar. A community of meal planners will make coming up with dinner ideas so much easier.


  1. I am so excited that we are joining forces to do this linkup!! Much love my dear one!

  2. hi!!! love your site (cutest blog name I have ever seen!) and wanted to say thanks for including my Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa on your list!! so glad you love it <3 xo-Becky


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