lucas' bomb 1st birthday

So, Sam's BBFF (baby best friend forever) Lucas had his first birthday party on Sunday. His Mom, Jessica, said no gifts, but Sam is SUCH a giver, he brought chicken pox to the party (see below post if this is a huge shock to you - it's old news now). Man that guy is already good at giving presents and he's still in diapers. What a gentleman.

Of course, whether or not anyone opens Sam's gift won't be known for 10 to 21 days... here's hoping no one else gets to enjoy that little party favor.

N-E-wayz, Lucas is one. HEY-Oh! Check out them baby blues.

I still can't process that this little peanut who was so tiny when he was born and so soft and cuddly...

7 days old.

Is now this big ol' man child who is so fiercely independent, well, I could learn a thing or two from Lucas. The kid is his own man already.
12 months old.
Just like I've done for Sam, I spent the year taking Lucas' monthly pictures at his house. Even if I don't know the baby I still love looking at these and seeing how they grow, so please to enjoy the growth of Lucas - he is after all Sam's right hand man.

We've have some great successes in our monthly photoshoots, like this gem.

Look how little they are. Seven months and five months.
And to be fair, we've also had some complete failures.

8 months old.
In our defense, he should have known better than to crawl off the chair when we were both looking at my camera. This was his fault.

Oh and then there's this picture.

11 months old.
This is a success and a failure all rolled into one.

And then Chuck said he looked like Harry Dunn and VIOLA!.


Ok, back to the birthday party.

So Jessica and I used the past two months of Pajama Fridays to plan for the very simple and small first birthday party that she would throw for Lucas. Way too much Pinterest time and 50 invited guests later and look - judgy wudgy was a bear. This is what happens when teachers stop teaching.

It was a transportation theme and it was fabulous and just the right amount of over the top to be perfect for a 1st Birthday Party. I was the slave labor who made all the signs in Photoshop because I'm a computer nerd and I like making printables so it was win-win for the party. It was worth it. It all came together so well in the end and obviously Lucas will remember this forever.... (head shake).

Happy Birthday Lucas!

The official tablescape picture.

The Lucas Mobile. I made him a license plate. His initials + birthday = things got out of hand.

The pictures from his monthly photo shoots.

(top) The Heads - printed out grayscale on printer paper with traffic cones hats. (left) We had 1st avenue, Lucas Blvd and Memory Lane. (right) Jessica's Mom made wreaths from caution tape. So bomb.  

The brain trust.



Birthday stud.

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  1. Oh my! I just love this and he is such a big birthday boy. Great job on the party decorations and what a fun theme. That food table looks awesome.


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