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Backyard progress this weekend: zero.
Thunder sightings: zero.
Hours of sleep: almost pre-baby levels.

Why come? Be-come we visited Chuck's Mom and enjoyed the wonderful sleep odyssey of being at Grandma's house. Grandma isn't sick of Sam and his games or totally over him like we are so she is only too happy to wake up at 5:30 am with him.

I do not do this.

I have told him repeatedly that I don't care for 5:30 secrets and nothing he has to say before 6 am is worth my sleep time.

Deaf. Baby. Ears.

At home, when he wakes before 6, we do the good parent ritual of lovingly getting him from his crib and listening intently to his dream stories and loving on him something fierce.

Nope. LIE.

We turn the monitor off, turn the fan in our room up, and fall back asleep. This is a 6 am house, Sammy. Take it or leave it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: we said we wanted to be parents, not good parents.

But here, at Grandma's, he has a Professional Mom who wants to hear those secrets and play all day. We have done very little parenting since Friday and it has been AMAZING. I wish Sam had a real Mom all the time. Sawreeeaa kid.

So whilst we were away, the baby monitor at home was obviously not in use.

OR WAS IT??????

As I'm sure you do with your baby monitor, we have rigged ours up to do cat surveillance when we're away.

I'll let that concept sink in with you before I continue.

Ready? Ok.

Our baby monitor is really just a security camera. We view it through an app on our phone or a secure log in online. Don't worry, you cannot Google SamCam and come up with our monitor. Weird-os aren't out there watching Sam sleep online. PROMISE.

What we can do is set up the monitor so that any time there is movement in the room (say, a giant black panther cat) the monitor takes five pictures rapid fire and emails them to us.

We have two hopes in doing this when on vacation.

1. We catch a ghost.
2. We catch Kitten.

Re: #1. How amazing would it be if we were looking through the pictures that have been emailed to us and picture, say, 4 is a creepy little girl holding a doll. That's the dream. Hasn't happened yet but trust me, the hope is there.

Good news though. I know you are going to be as happy about this as we were.

We caught a kitten on patrol.

Among the FORTY emails from the camera - no ghosts, just the changing light tripping the sensors - we hit the big cat money. You would have thought we hit the Mega Millions Jackpot. No - we just got emailed grainy pictures of our cat. Pretty much the same thing.

"I wonder if she left the closet open for me."

"Nope. She leaves the drawers open and a laundry basket out but does she leave my favorite sleep spot open? NO. I hate her. Will pee on her laundry Monday. I'll just go pencil that into my schedule."

Look in the hall. He made a lap down the hall to check the other rooms. At least he made his full rounds.

Did you need to see this is an easier to view GIF? You do! Good.
Did I find a web site to make that for me? Maybe.
Happy with myself? Obviously.

Ok, I know, as if this post could get better. WE CAUGHT HIM AGAIN.
Be still your beating heart - I KNOW. How could I possibly enrich your life and Interweb time more than I already have?

I'll tell you: More cat monitor pictures and a second cat monitor GIF.
I am the Ron Popeil of blogging today.

We call this string: Glowing Cat Eyes seeks Corner Action on Open Drawer
(title may need work)

 And the GIF because I can haz make him walk.


So, we have this going for us.
A baby monitor that doubles as cat surveillance.
Win. Win. Win.

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  1. Too funny. I would love to watch my puppies during the day, how fascinating.

    Ps. I love SAMs room!!


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