10 month birthday gift: chicken pox.

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Sam. Here's a case of chicken pox.

Yes, you read that right. Sam has chicken pox.

This is the face of chicken pox. It is an adorable face - my stars - but it spotted something fierce (he can thank me for the beautiful lighting I took this photo in; it hides his dots).

My Salmon Baby (Sam-on, get it?)  is a chicken and now polka dotted. Stripes are more his style so we are in a serious Tim Gunn "make it work" situation. He's doing okay, taking it like a champ and the best part of being a baby with chicken pox is that he doesn't even know scratching is an option. Win for us. We should come out of this just fine.

How did he get chicken pox in the age of the chicken pox vaccine (which is given at 12 months)? Great question. So glad you asked.

This guy.

I'm sure most kids get chicken pox from play dates and preschool, but Sam was infected by Grandpa PK (known in the family as Dad Dad). That's right. PK got shingles and saw Sam for 10 minutes before he was diagnosed. Now, 19 days later, these two are a pair. And PK is wracked with enough guilt that Sam will probably get his own trip to Disneyland in a few years.

(For those of you keeping score, yes, PK went to Disneyland with shingles. He wasn't contagious anymore and it's Disneyland. Need I say more? The man is a champ.)

All in all, getting chicken pox wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to happen to us, except we spent all day Sunday celebrating Lucas' first birthday and unknowingly exposed all of Sam's baby besties. We feel awful. Chicken pox are the worst because they are contagious before you know they exist. Meanies.

So Sam, here's to 10 months and hopefully being healthy and spot free in no time.

Aside from the chicken pox, it's been a big month for Sam Kerry.

He stands now.
He cruises like a champ.
He says "Momomomom" and "Dadadadad".
He can in fact real crawl now but mostly chooses his worm flailing.
He climbs up the stairs impressively fast.
He feeds himself with enough success to let him go for it.

And now he's a spotted creature.

Love you Sammy. Best baby on the block.

Just to prove that he does cry.

Elvis Sam meeting new friend Henry Jack Francis. Loving the tiny baby.

First power outage in Bellingham with the extended family.

This angelic face is spreading chicken pox at that exact moment. You'd never know...

Please to note his fat little baby feet and how he has them crossed on the chair under the table.



  1. Oh, no! I got Shingles last month, and I freaked out... Thank goodness it was on the back of leg, so I pretty much wore leggings and boots until I wasn't contagious any more. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  2. Ok that crying face. I love it. That Elvis face. I love it more. And that first picture in the hanging high chair I almost dropped the phone because I thought he was "floating". Live you Sam, Ellie can't wait to meet you (after you're find with the chix pox)


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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