sam's first mcvalentine's day

It was an absolutely banner evening here tonight.

Oh, sorry, first, Happy Valentine's Day.
Second, Happy Sam's First Allison Style Valentine's Day. Lucky boy. He was born into quite a family. (Pray for him)

I needn't remind you (since obviously you have my whole life history memorized) that Chuck and my first date - first official non-dining hall, just us date - was to McDonald's on Valentine's Day 2002.

We are fabulous and 12. Chuck hasn't aged and thank god white shimmer eye shadow went out. Not a good look for me. (I blogged the whole story here a few years ago)

We go to McDonald's every year for V-day because 1. It's easy. 2. It's easy. 3. It's easy.

We aren't big planners. We aren't lavish. Lavish is adding pies at the end of our value meals. Welcome to classy, Sam. Welcome.To.Classy.

Spoiler alert: Yes, Sam had McDonald's for dinner. I said Chuck and I wanted to be parents. I didn't say we were going to be good parents. Also, ps: judgy wudgy was a bear.

Sam came to McDonald's straight from a business meeting. So glad he could squeeze us in. What a gentleman (and a scholar).

Clearly, Sam was super impressed by the establishment and overwhelmed with the possibilities that lay inside (and yes, that is a fire place behind him. FINE DINING people.). This is hallowed childhood ground and he respected it perfectly. I was so proud. Absolutely busting.

This was Sam's first McDonald's meal. And also not his first McDonald's meal. Let's just say he's had a lot of McBreastMilk and McAmnioticFluid in the past.

But tonight. Tonight. He sampled for himself.

We explained that McNuggets come from McBirds, and we aren't quite sure where McBirds are from but definitely don't Google it. And definitely don't Google Image it.

French fries, as always, were a huge hit. And a vegetable. So we nailed that part of the meal.

We reasoned that the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait would probably be an adequate addition to his meal. He loved it. We tried it too and found out why he loved it. Basically, the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait is the baby equivalent to a McFurry. I would love to have a McFlurry for dinner. Sam is so awesome. His life. My dream.

And the coke.

Ahhh, the coke. Can you feel that healthy McDonald's Coke burn?

Clearly Sam can, and he's loving it. (Boda, ba, ba, baaaa.)

Ok. I feel like I need to stop here because I can feel you judging through your computer. "ZOMG, you gave a baby Coke." Yeah, and McDonald's Coke. Which is the best Coke known to man. I know, Sam's that lucky. Nothing is better than a McDonald's Coke. Like I said before, we are nailing this parenting thing. Such a lucky kid.

Look how happy it made him.

Why would I not give this to him?
Don't answer that. No. No. Don't answer that.

Look look look, the kid eats like a king around here. Organic. Whole food. Real food. Homemade food. A McNugget (or 3) on Valentine's Day isn't going to mean he can't read someday and that, my friends, is my professional opinion as an educator. Hashtag I'm a parent.

Let me just say that it was a fantastic dinner.
Because it was delicious, it was fun, and we had our boy to share it with.


  1. So GEAT to have a family tradition. A little Mickey D's never hurt anyone. Love the Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits.

  2. For the record, Chuck's first taste of Coke was at Pizza Haven in Bellevue Square using the same straw technique. Perfect.

  3. Ok I think I'm slacking on the feeding Ellie big girl food....I have another week until she turns 9 months so that's ok right? She still has time to figure food stuffs out.

  4. I love that family picture at the end. :)

  5. I love that you took Sam to McDs and that you blogged about it! It's American as apple pie. No judging from this mom.


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