and now a 9 month old.

Oh, so much to tell. Most important thing first: we have Internet again. Trust me, that is the most important thing to tell the world right now. Second, Sam is 9 months old, but really the bigger news is, we have Internet again. That kid has had his 15 minutes of fame, hasn't he?

Saaawrea about the blog hiatus. Our router died. My soul died a little. And thusly, I was unable to blog. It. Was. A. Nightmare. Also, all three of us had the flu during the great Internet drought of '14 so adding insult to injury was the inability to reach the outside world or watch funny cat videos. The two weeks leading into Sam's 9 month birthday were a trying ordeal and I am obviously not exaggerating at all.

But now the Sam Man is 9 months old.

Fun fact about Sam: he still doesn't crawl.

Now I know I should be doing the obligatory motherly lying about all the amazing things my baby can do, but I guess I just think this one is funny. First of all, Chuck and I didn't crawl, so genetically, he is fighting an uphill battle. He does move, and super effectively, in this army crawl/my legs don't work/body dragging style that is a real crowd pleaser, so I guess that's something? It works for him and since I plan on never saying no to him or telling him he's doing anything wrong, this works for me too (you know I'm kidding about the never saying no thing right? Just checking.)

I wish you could see it.
Maybe I should video it.
Meh, another time.

Happy 9 months baby boy. Keep up the good work at being the happiest baby I've ever met.

Given a Sophie-like choice over all his toys, he would pick the Tupperware drawer every time.

OR he would pick the vacuum. Actually, yes. That's who would win. He loves that vacuum like nobody's business. I cannot tell you how nice it is to finally have someone cheering for you when you are cleaning.

Like I said before, big fan of opening drawers.

Going for that girl. Yet again. I can't stop him. He has Camden fever.

Ooooh. More alone time with the Tupperware.

This was quite a look. There was a diaper leak issue but that only explains the missing pants not the unsnapped onesie. Meh.

The overwhelming joy of reaching Mom's cell phone.

Someone can reach the toy bin by the crib and likes to invite friends over to party after his naps.
A photo of the elusive Baby Small Mouth.

I love catching these two on the baby monitor.

This was a throwback (toy) Thursday - he thought the play mat was a riot.

Having the flu sucked.

Popsicle baths while sick do not suck.

We started swim lessons. Sam is nailing them.

Lucy came to visit so Sam spent two days as a second born, over loved baby. She smothered him.

(thanks Christine and Jessica for the shoes!!)

His heart exploded here. He's in a swing and Lucy is pushing. This is the height of baby happiness.

The end of the infant car seat era. He's a beast.

The 12th Baby on Super Bowl Sunday. He cried after Kam Chancellor's interception and Jermaine Kearse's touchdown run. Jeesh. Some people's kids.

He spent the 3rd quarter in a cage so we could eat and watch and not parent.

"I make fart noises with my mouth."

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  1. Oh my gosh! There is so much I want to say about this post. I love him. Ellie loves him. Ellie loves drawstrings and cell phones too. Gotta stop using the phones around her I guess. Again so many things but I will stop with: Sam is adorable and I want him to come live with me.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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