the best photo i've ever taken of sam.


I cannot with this photo. It is perfection. It is a 500 pound baby in a swing for the first time. It is Buzz's girl friend (woof). I've done it. I'm done taking pictures.

I have nothing else to say. Sam had his first big park adventure last weekend where he could actually participate instead of being an invalid baby. Banner day. We are now regular fixtures at the park across the street. Feel free to come by and see that face live.

And now a bunch of pics that will all look the same to you but whatever. He's too cute.


  1. Sam is too cute!! First of all, that picture needs to be reprinted. I see magnets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillows...endless possibilities! Loving the hat, too!

  2. ADORABLE. Also. Can I just say how jealous I am of trees? Wow. I miss trees. And Sam (and you) are perfect. The end.

  3. SO, this is it?? "WE" don't get our 9 month old fix?!
    - a stalker :) ...a kind-hearted stalker


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