someone has a girlfriend.

The good news is that Sam already has better moves than his dad.

I, for one, am thrilled. Not that Chuck isn't "all that" to me, but I'm just not sure Sam is going to find a girl willing to fall in love with him over a utensil-less Eggo snack in a college dorm room come 2031. It's as big a miracle that we are together as Sam is alive. That's a lie. We are more of the miracle.

NEwhoozie. Sam has a smidgen of a crush on our little Camden. And by crush, I mean he wants to crush her, put her in his size 12-18 month baby jeans pockets, and take her home.
Isn't she pretty? And after shots in the morning. She's a keeper.
Because, at four months old, Camden is just a few ounces bigger than Sam at birth. I thought about taping her to my stomach and waddling around for a couple hours to confirm this but I decided to take Emy's word for it. I'm a trusting friend.

Sam loves Camden. I mean this with no "my baby is a genius", "my baby is better than your baby" motherly lying. He legitimately loves her. He coos at her. He makes Fabio-type faces at her. He (mostly) gently strokes her looking for any sort of affection. I know he loves her too because I see him with other babies, mainly his BFF Lucas, and they do not coo, and lovingly stroke, and smile at each other. They growl, and fart noise, and chase because they are already smelly boys.

Allow (in pictures, obviously because what else do I do here) me to share with you the love of Sam and Cam. (And may I preface this by saying, this happens every time he sees her. This was just once when I caught his love on camera.)

We let him hold her. He was literally beside himself with excitement. She was not so much with the excitement at first.

Can you hear Emy and Me screaming "GENTLE!". Like he understands us.

"I love her!"

This is not an angry Sam face. Trust me. This is "so excited, I might explode face." Normally, this face is reserved for seeing Jack, eating blueberries, and when Dad comes home from work.

And then the standard baby-excited-pounding started.

He's going to need to work on ways to more appropriately express his love for her.

Good news, he did. He yawned then put his arm around her.

Asking Emy's permission for Camden's hand in marriage.

Look at how he's staring at Emy with stars in his eyes. I'm sure I heard him singing "She get it from her mama."

He held and kissed her toes for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Finally, she gave in and loved him back.

He asked me to print this out for his crib and also to save for their future wedding.   

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