lucy turns five and gets a brother

Yesterday, this -

- turned 5 years old.

I can.not. I just cannot. She has filled our lives with so much joy these past five years and filled our dark days with so much light.

Oh we miss her terribly and we are incredibly proud of the person she is and is becoming. She's riding a bike. She's just months away from kindergarten. She's a leader. She's a giver. She's everything you could ever hope for in a tiny human.

And now she's five.

And officially a real big sister.
She got the birthday present she'd always wanted - her very own baby (brother).

Meet Ben.

Shelley, her husband, and Lucy welcomed him into the world today - the day after Lucy's fifth birthday.

He's Benjamin James and he's 7 lbs, 2 oz and 20 inches of squeezable goodness. "A very sweet soul", says Fe, who is in California with PK, the new addition and family.

A new set of fun just rolled into town.

Welcome to our posse, Ben. We love you so much already (our first nephew!).

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  1. Lucy and Ben look a lot alike :) What a special birthday gift for Lucy!


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