keepin' the 20s alive

Alert the freaking media: we actually did something this weekend. It was so nice to be able to get back out there again, head into the big city, party with our friends and really live up on a Saturday night.

See, having a baby has super changed life for Chuck and Me. With Sam, now our Saturdays are at home, DVR on, Interneting running wild, and the occasional heated cribbage match. This is such a change for us. Before Sam, our Saturday nights were at home, DVR on, Interneting running wild, and the occasional heated cribbage match.

Ok wait, never mind. Actually having an event - a real adult party event - was a big deal for us IRregardless of parenting status.

This Saturday was Maggie's 29th Birthday party: Keeping the '20s Alive. What could possibly be better than a theme party with my favorite people? Answer: nothing. Nothing could be better.

I mean, look how fabulous we are?

Happy 29th Maggie! Love you and loved celebrating your 20s with you!

Maggie and her wonderful husband, Kris, who threw this amazing bash for his just as amazing wife.

Checking in on Sam at the party because we are 100% first time parents (and he's adorable). Cousin Janelle was at home watching the monitor too and doing homework - she's the babysitting jackpot.

Thanks, Jeff.

Mother Charles checking on his baby.

I still have a vivid memory of coming home from freshman year of college and spending the night at Emy's house right after her high school graduation. I remember her asking about this Chuck guy I was dating. "Are you gonna like marry him Sus?" Shame these two don't get along. Never have.

It's called a Pose Swap. I'm doing the Libby. She's doing the Susie.

Caught these two playing nice. Decade of Love is now 15 years old.

Keepin' the 20s very alive.

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  1. This is seriously the most fabulous birthday party idea. I might have to do this for my 29th next year. Everyone looks so good in their flapper dresses!


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