i worked really hard on this.

I spent a solid amount of time yesterday building a Lincoln Log Cabin.
I spent like 15 minutes but that is equal to 7 hours in my former life.

We were playing upstairs for a change of pace (new scenery!!) and I decided to begin honing my Log Cabin building skillz - these days will be here soon enough and I need to be on my game. Right? This is what I should be spending my time on.

This should not have taken me as long as it did but it did. Also, it lacked a door or window, and let's be honest the roof was questionable. Definitely not up to fire code and there was no ventilation system. Look, I was very upfront in this post that I need to work on my Lincoln Log building.

Sam, despite what he might tell you or what his cute angelic face says, was not helpful and did not help with the building of my Lincoln Log death trap. He was an active hinderer who, though given access to all available Lincoln Logs only wanted to eat the building materials that I was immediately using. He is so mean to me.

I sat back to take picture of my creation to send to Chuck for immediate praise and validation (that's the above picture - I don't feel like reposting it). And then I watched in horror as my cabin was destroyed.

I could have stopped it since he moves negative fast and doesn't crawl so much as he lurches but I figured the pictures were probably better than my crummy cabin anyways. In hindsight, this is debatable.

Either way, he was mean to me and broke my toy. Rude.

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Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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