and now he's 8 months old.

The thing about Sam Allison is that he really is as happy as I make him out to be on this blog. I promise you, no trade mark hyperbole here. He's just a happy kid and he's loving his life.

That's about all I can say.

He had a fabulous month of December. Allow me to regale you with the photo evidence.

Cave baby. Like fire.

Sam wanted to take Camden home with us. He was devastated that she didn't reciprocate his love.

He didn't go for the boxes like most babies, but he did have a love affair for a new vase.

His "official" Christmas morning pajamas picture.

Let's talk about that jacket. Aunt Nan made it for him. MADE it. It's fabulous. Fabulous. We'll get back to the jacket and Nan later this week because they deserve more than a caption to a photo.


He has his arm around Chuck.

Meeting his Great-Grandpa, Grandpa Man. Between the two of us, this is our last living grandparent so this was a good day.

The four generations!

Look at this ladies man with his untucked shirt and his arm around a pretty girl. He cannot handle a pretty face.

PK calls this "cute boy" pose.

Best friend photo. Lucas is 10 months old now. Time is flying by with these two.

A rare photo of us.

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  1. Omg Susie he is adorable. I love the pic of him folding his hands! He is such a little ham! I adore that coat that Aunt Nan made and I want one for Ellie! Can we make that happen?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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