5 year houseversary

It's the week of the five years (and apparently the week that I'm going to blog every day. I mean, we are at four straight days here - can I make it five in a row for probably the first time since 2010? I'm gonna bet against myself. It feels like the safer bet and I am in no a position to spend my Target money frivolously.).


Today marks our five year anniversary in our house. Five years since we lived in an apartment and more importantly, five years since that God awful ship's wheel was put up. Actually the ship's wheel has his five year anniversary in February so let's not rush things.

I still remember that first night like it was yesterday and isn't that something only old people say. Lord. Shake it off. We got the keys and came right up here to camp out in the new house that was way too big for us but we'd fill it with kids soon enough so no problem-o (spoiler alert: that didn't work. WHAT?! My blog. My infertility. My infertility jokes. They are my favorite to make since I can barely make babies. Bah! Did it again. I am on a roll here people.).

Back to the house. We had spent the last eight years of our lives living in either dorms or apartments so when we finally unrolled our sleeping bags, turned out the lights and laid down - the silence was deafening. That is something I will never forget. The silence.

A month later, the first post I actually made on this blog was about the house. We had lived in it for about three weeks and had done our best to fill it with college furniture and hand-me-downs. We did the best we could.

I walked around the house that first blog night with my new and very first DSLR camera, which I'd gotten for Christmas that year. Of course I had no idea what a DSLR camera did or how to use it, so I flipped it to auto, popped up the flash and went to the four rooms that I considered "done" in our new house.

I don't know what makes me more disgusted when looking at these pictures. I made a small list:
1.The d├ęcor of the house. It is TERRRIBLE. I don't remember it being so bad.
2. The photos of the rooms. Yikes. Take it off auto. It's called natural light and ISO.
3. The fact that it appears I didn't even tidy up before taking the pictures. I mean. Wow. I was so busy back then I couldn't, oh, close the cookbook on the counter?

Dear 25 year old Susie,
Love, 30 year old Susie

I went back around our house today and retook the pictures I'd taken five years ago. I liked this process very much. I plan to do this again at the 10 year mark because I had forgotten so much of how things looked. That's probably a good thing.

Anyways. Here are the side by sides. Who knows if you will enjoy this even half as much as I did, but like that's ever stopped me before.

This house has been good to us. Some day we will fix it up the way we want to - hey, maybe that'll show up in the 10 year pictures - but until then, it works for us. Horrible ship's wheel and all.

So much to say about the family room. First of all, it's the same couches just new slipcovers. The striped one went to gray because the striped was awful and the white got a new white because Jack is awful. Personally, the boob-tube from 1995 (from Fe and PK) is my favorite part.

SUSAN ELISE. Clean up the freaking kitchen before taking pictures for the blog. THE END. Also, clocks grow up so quickly, don't they? Look how big our little red one has gotten.

 I feel like not much has changed here. I mean, yes and no. White IKEA chair that is the most uncomfortable thing ever: check. Bed spread: check. Pictures over bed rearranged: check.

The living room wins for most improved. It's not even a contest.

Happy five years house. Can't wait to watch Sam destroy you.


  1. Love it! Thanks for the tour update!!! Hope I can find the first pics of our house and do something similar!

  2. Three questions…
    1) Were these photos actually taken with the same camera?
    2) Do you really have a landline?
    3) If so…why?

  3. The only thing I noticed is that we were demoted off your picture wall. Rude.


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