the love of sam and his tree.

This post is mostly a shameless venue for me to spread the propaganda of Sam and share photos with his grandparents. Color me a new Mom at Christmas time. Couldn't be more over it. 

O Christmas tree, O Christmas,
Thy leaves are so unchanging.

The unchanging ones are clearly the ones at least 18 inches off the ground because the low ones are getting beat to crap this holiday season by one Samuel Kerry Allison.

Sam is in love with the Christmas tree - obviously. And not just any love, like the love he has for Chuck and Me, but real love, the kind that up until now has been reserved mostly for the remote control and my iPhone. True love.

If Washington could pass a Proposition Evergreen, Sam would strap the Christmas tree to the top of his walker and rush at a rapid 2 feet per hour to the courthouse to marry it.

He could sit for hours in front of the tree if he was able to stay awake for more than two hours without needing a nap (he's such a baby) or if I could trust him to sit there nicely. I cannot.

Enjoy your tree, Sam.
I'd keep it up year round if I could. But I can't. Your dad said something about a fire hazard. I wouldn't know. I stopped listening.


  1. So cute!! Ellie is in love with her tree too! When she starts crying I bring her into her room and turn the tree lights on and she is one happy camper!! Thomas said we might have to keep it up year round to calm her when she starts walking and falls down! Haha


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