making fun of chuck on xmas eve. it feels right.

Gosh the holidays really do sneak up on you. One day you're shopping about, thinking you have all the time in the world to prep for the Holidays and the next moment it's Christmas Eve and you've completely forgotten to make fun of your husband's tree watering set up on your blog.

I'm embarrassed. I can't believe I let this sit here so long. I apologize. I've met all other holiday deadlines perfectly. This one just flew by. But it must be posted and discussed.

Ok. The set up.

We got a Christmas tree.
It needed to be watered.

Wow. That wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be. Ok, ok, a little more information because I have time (both boys are down for their morning naps). We got a beautiful Fraser Fir this year (please to see picture of said gorgeous tree with enamored gorgeous baby in post here). It was sucking up water at an alarming rate when we brought it home from the tree hospital and it was going to need midnight feedings to keep up.

This was not going to happen.

We are all sleeping through the night here and no tree was going to mess that up. Plus, I handle all human baby feedings so tree baby would have fallen to Chuck Allison and that guy has a thing for sleep (see above paragraph where I note that he is down for a nap at 8:45 am).

I "heard" Chuck say something about the tree being super thirsty, needing lots of water, and handling it so we (he) didn't have to get up to water it at night. I put "heard" in quotes because clearly I wasn't listening and was probably looking into some important files on my computer (like on the book of faces or this wonderful online pinboard-style photo sharing site).

I got up.

I plugged in the tree.

I found this (remember, this is a few weeks ago, not last night):

Let me break down what your seeing.

First, there is a cat barrier to the watering system that you need to look past. That would be the kitty litter tub, Tupperware, and the trash can filled with tree clippings (which Chuck would later say were also put there to distract any kitten-water-getting attempts). Squint your eyes to the juice pitcher with plastic tubing coming out of it.

Here's a zoom in. That's the tree watering system.
Pitcher. Plastic tubing. Etc.

Ah Chuck Allison. I got a lesson that I didn't ask for on the physics of this and how the water level in the pitcher is always the same height as the water level in the tree stand, ensuring continuous watering at night and a refilling of the stand. There are even weights attached to each side of the tubing to keep them in their respective containers.

Oh Chuck.

1. You had the vision for this.
2. You had all the supplies for it readily available.

And that my friends is how Chuck waters a tree (well, again, weeks ago. Now the tree can handle life without midnight feedings and hey, he's sleeping through the night too. Maybe we should have rigged up a system like this to feed Sam a few months ago when night time feedings were all the rage around here. Where were you with that one, Chuck?).

Merry Christmas Eve to all!
Love, The Allison 3

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