it's christmas card time.

Hokay. I have some good news and I have some bad news.

Let's start with the good news so I don't lose you forever, although we'll see by the end of this. You may disown us, our blog, and shun our entire lifestyle. Which I will get, understand, and fully support. You have my blessing.

Christmas card season is upon us once again. Halle-tacky sweater and uncomfortable pose-lujah. We loves us some awful Christmas cards and thank goodness, we are finally getting the recognition we deserve.

No not really, but this web site found our picture from Christmas 2010 and included us in the horrible Christmas card run down. We couldn't be happier. The list has gone viral, 50 million people emailed it to me last night, and now I share it with you. You are welcome.

Christmas 2010

Seriously For Real: Walmart Called - Your Xmas Photos are Ready.
disclaimer: not all of the pictures are blog appropriate so you've been warned. Funny. But maybe I wouldn't show Lucy all of them if that makes sense or helps in any way.

I have a few questions:
1. Do people think our picture is serious?
2. No. Just number 1.

So. It came time to decide what to do this year. It's a lot of pressure. And a lot of expectation. And this is where the bad news is.


I know.
I know.
I know.
I know.

Give me five freaking seconds to explain before you never read my blog again.

I needed to send out a normal card. I had too. Get ready for the infertility card to get played because BAM here it is: I have dreamed about sending out a real Christmas card picture from MY own real family for years and I was finally able to do it and blah, blah, blah. I know. You don't care. All you hear is excuses. Like I said in the beginning, I understand if you this is over between us.

Look, I just really needed this one this year so if we are all OK and can be adults, I promise (cross my heart and swear to Nordstrom) we will send out something horrid, and terrible, and likely to make another "worst of" list again next year.

Can I just point out that at least I didn't completely cave? So I may have sent out that pic to the good little boys and girls on our list, but at least I put this gem on the back. (Someone got a little over-served from Thanksgiving dinner.)

Now that is a terrible picture and what mother would ever send that out?
Maybe one trying to make up for the lame one on the front?

I promise to do better next year. Really, I do.

But quick, while I have you:
True or False. Sam and the disgraced Toronto Mayor were separated at birth.
Yes or No.



  1. While I was looking forward to another one of your weird Christmas photos this year, I respect your decision. I so ecstatic that you got to have a normal pic this year! Congrats mama!!!

  2. Totally get that. But still love the temporarily suspended awkward tradition. :)


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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