"i can't put my arms down"

Good news, it snowed 2 inches so obviously the city has shut down, Chuck is working from home, and all my teacher friends got a day off. I'm thrilled for you people.

Bad news, did you know my new job doesn't have snow days?  This is ridiculous. I know we've talked about this Motherhood Union and the need to organize and I say it now more than ever. There has been zero E! watched today and not a drop of hot chocolate drunk. Sam is killing Snow Day Susie, which is one of my favorite Susies.

UNTIL, I found a little gem hiding in the back of his closet which I have named his "Randy Snow Suit". I'm assuming you get the reference and if not, let's end our friendship now. It said 3-6 months size, which he fit last in July, but it looked enormous so I decided to cram him in it because I didn't have much else on the docket today. Good news, it actually fit (not that that would have stopped me).

And then I threw him in the snow.

Ok so not actually threw him, even though I wanted to and Jack did remind us that that's how he first met snow so fair is fair, but it was more like a gentle lay down on the grass.

He legitimately could not put his arms down and I have legitimately never loved him more or any piece of clothing on him more. He defined adorable in it. Look out snow ladies.

(For the record, we did everything in our power to get the mittens on him. He rejected those hand socks faster than, well, sock socks.)

He wasn't too impressed with the snow until he found out he could eat it. Classic LFB (little fat baby).

Ok, so maybe his Randy Snow Suit redeemed him a tad and revived some of the light in Snow Day Susie. But I'm still looking to organize this Motherhood Union regardless of how cute he was.

(Um look at this... I actually went OUTSIDE in the snow where it was cold and took a walk with him. I know. I'm shocked too. Who am I? What have I become?)

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