he's 7 months old (pretend this is last wednesday)

I am relatively (but only relatively) sure that being almost a week late on his 7 month post will not cause irreparable damage. But you really never know. This could be the end of it. To make up for this, I have decided to switch parenting gears and I will now never say no to Sam. If he wants it, he gets it. This is the only way to undo the damage I may have already caused by not blogging about his life in a timely manner.

On second thought, I'm sure the best gift I could give him would be to NOT blog about his life so when he's 14 there aren't pictures of him in a diaper floating around the interweb, but pass. Not gonna happen. That gets a solid sawreeaa.

Obviously by the negative posting I did in November, you could say things got a little away from me. Whoopsie daisy.

Sam had a banner month. He decided to love me again and sleep through the nights now. Thank God. I mean he tells a good secret, but just nothing worth writing home about at 2:15 in the morning.

He's a big fan of people food. Pot roast, French fries, yogurt, muddy buddies - the finer foods that you oh-so-hope to addict your child to. Baby food, on the other hand, gets a fart noise and a face like we just killed Lassie. (I do appreciate that he's getting comfortable enough with his fart noises to begin appropriately timing them. I swear, if this wasn't my kid, I'd steal him and make him mine. Is that weird? Or just barely on the "normal" side of motherly love?)

Samula (that's not misspelled, that's nickname 739 for this kid), we love you to pieces. Every day a little more, even though I swear I couldn't love you any more - but that's only because I haven't seen you yet tomorrow.

The Seahawks shirt is a 6/9 month. He out grew it Week 2 into the season. He will wear it thru the playoffs if I have to cut the arms and crotch off and still butter him up to slide it on.

Oh no, you didn't miss Christmas. Chuck's Mom had to be limited to only letting Sam open two of his Christmas presents early. Left alone, she would have let him open them all.


No caption necessary.

Incidentally, if you are ever wondering what I looked like as a baby... Bingo.

A rare frowny face picture. Actually, I just caught him at a weird moment. There was no actual frown taking place. He wouldn't know how to.
Fart noises.

Fart noises.

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