things i should have blogged about this week.

November is getting away from me people. We are all aware that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, right? Thank god I'm not cooking or I'm pretty sure we'd be having Kraft mac and cheese (not even classed up with hot dogs) because I apparently do not have my "stuff" together.

What I do have together is a collection of cell phone photos from the last week that for sure should have "made the blog" but didn't because I suck at life and Sam isn't giving me my union breaks. I'm 'bouts to organize. I mean there has got to be some sort of motherhood union, right? Because let me tell you, the wages are crap, the working conditions are less than ideal, and management keeps adding more to my plate (while dumping his on the hardwood floors and making fart noises at me). Something has to be done.

In the mean time, here is what you should have read about this week. Send complaints for lack of blogging to one Samuel K. Allison.

So we got to name our baby monitor and naturally named it the Sam Cam because well, obviously. Chuck Allison, genius that he is, had the light bulb moment of his life when realized that if we laid Sam and Camden in the crib together it would - wait for it - literally be Sam Cam. This was taken for him because he is an idiot and we like to play to him.
They were, however, so adorable in the crib, that a picture had to be taken of them. It will most likely be the cover of their wedding program in 2038.

Someone was smizing and I wanted to reward that with a picture.

This is the terrifying face of someone who hadn't pooped in five days and was being force fed prunes. They, um, worked, but it looks like we need another round of prunes, (cough) if you catch my disgusting drift (cough). This is a good moment for you to remember that he's sitting in a cloth diaper...

I'm sorry, but is he 40 years old and folding down the top of his newspaper to look at me?

Fe is going to KILL me for posting this but this is how we feel about teething. It is not fun. People don't really need teeth, right? How about I just stop the process, get him some dentures, and call it a day? Good. Done and done. I'm pouring a can of coke in his mouth to rot those suckers out before they break through. (KIDDING. Jeez. Don't call CPS on me). 

I'm a new mom, so help me out here. I think he may (MAY) have wet the crib. Let me know your thoughts.

Remember how I said we are having a GREAT time teething? We are. There is a party in his mouth. Not really. But his double chin is SWEET looking in this picture.

I run out to do some errands last night. I come home to this. Note that the bow matches the pants. This was a point of pride for Chuck. #samantha

So apparently I can't leave him alone? No? I have to watch him at all times? See what I mean about the working conditions in this joint?

FYI he still knows where the monitor is and it's still creepy.

Speaking of creepy, found this as I was uploading these pics and it just felt right to repost it. You know what I mean? Good. I love when we are on the same page.


  1. Oh, I am laughing so hard right now!

  2. This is so precious! I adore all of these pictures!! Is he close to crawling? Ellie wants NOTHING to do with that, I think she would rather walk. Hoping to get some crawling action so though. I love the prune picture as well as "I wet the bed" though I'm not sure he totally did! He is getting so much hair!


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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