the gang's all here.

I'm not entirely sure which is worse: that it took me 3 weeks to type this post or that it took 7 weeks to get all the group babies together.

Either way, it's a Thanksgiving miracle that I'm blogging right now. That Thanksgiving miracle is also known as Emy leant us her Jumperoo for the week and Sam is super occupied right now. Thus leaving me a free moment to be a mediocre mom and what I was in my former life, a blogger. Thanksgiving Miracle. And I'm fine with mediocre right now. He's alive, he's breathing, he's distracting from the big bad tooth. Winner winner pureed chicken dinner.

Now, as you may recall, the pregnancy pact with my besties is over, we have four new babies in the friend group so let the drooling, sticky hands, and subtle urine smell take over our dinners. We finally got all the kids together in one room and that called for a photo op/dress up time/child exploitation.

Dania made the onesies.
The Gang's All Here.

When we took the pic, they were (give or take a week) Lucas (8 months), Sam (6 months), Noah (4 months), and Camden (2 months). That's our crew.

That's also one of the only pics we have where a hand isn't holding a baby into place OR a baby isn't decimating the baby next to them. Apparently, this is a rough crowd.

Obviously my favorite part of the pictures was Sam, not just because he's my DNA but he was a consummate professional throughout our shoot. Well, you be the judge. I mean, let's just say, one of these babies has a Mom in love with her camera and you can probably figure out which baby it is.

Oh I love these four something fierce. They are going to get in so much trouble together.

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  1. This is so cute!! I didn't even realize that they are all about 2 months a part!!!


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