what in the hostess did you do to my ding dongs?

Oh.Em.Gee. Ding Dongs are back.
RIGHT?! You were waiting for this day to. I know. I can sense your excitement. Does it look anything like this:

Because this is the face of someone who cannot handle their love for Ding Dongs and has been on Hostess Watch since Twinkies and Cupcakes came back but not the chocolate little hockey pucks wrapped in foil (which, while we are talking about them are TOTALLY different than cupcakes).

Ok. Circle of trust? We are the people who bought Hostess items from eBay when the stores ran dry. Hey hey now. Circle of trust! And also, judgy wudgy was a bear. Look. We like our Hostess. They are little pieces of childhood that you can buy every now and then for the bargain price of $2.99, sometimes $2 when the sale gods smile on you.

So, when they closed up shop last year, Chuck bought us each a box of our beloveds (me, cupcakes, him, ding dongs) and there is nothing wrong with that. Ok. A little wrong but not any more than we are used to and are totally fine with.

Cupcakes, which are way different and totally better, made their triumphant return in the summer.
Ding Dongs, finally.

Except we have a little problem here. This is not what a Ding Dong is supposed to look like. This is a disaster.



Where is the foil wrapper?! Really, new Hostess? Was it the foil wrapper that was breaking the bank? It was the foil that bankrupted the company? This is a tragedy of epic proportions. No hyperbole.

Obviously, Chuck took this change really well.
Nope. That's a lie.

But, the man is nothing if not creative, inventive...and desperate? Not sure.

Problem solved.
They taste better out of foil.

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  1. I have never had either. Are the cupcakes the ones with the squiggle white frosting on top? I didn't even know that the ding dong came in foil, what is it now? Plastic?


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