the pumpkin patch was super fun.

Oh what memories were made today!

We took Sam to the Pumpkin Patch like all good parents do in October. We dressed him up in his Halloween best, I grabbed my DSLR for those oh-so-fall-perfect pictures, and we headed out to make a family memory.

Sam loved it.

He sat with the pumpkins.

Laughed with the pumpkins.

Attempted to eat the pumpkins. Red Robin french fries - fine, fine. But we do draw the line at pumpkin stems.

What a great family moment!

Just kidding.

We definitely went to QFC, picked three pumpkins in about 36 seconds, and headed home. We are nailing parenthood. NAILING IT.


  1. Lol. This is hilarious. We actually went to the pumpkin patch today and it was CRAZY busy. Next year we are going on a Tuesday.

  2. This actually made me LOL

  3. this is my favorite sam post thus far. Sorry Remlinger, better luck next year.


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