the five month post.

 Oh Sammy.

How do we love thee?
Let me count the ways.

The way you make fart noises with your mouth
The way you refuse evening naps if Dad is around.
The way you always pee on yourself in the bath.
The way you taste test every item in the house but have yet to write a single Yelp review on your findings.
The way you love to be swaddled, but hate being swaddled, but love being swaddled.
The way you growl.
The way you giggle.
The way you play smother the baby at night when you roll over.
(Please learn to roll back over ASAP so your Mom can stop staring at the monitor all night. It's getting old. Fast.)
The way we are so thankful we have you, each day, every day.

Happy 5 months, Big Boy.
Your 5 month photo dump...


Let's just say neither boy was super impressed with the new baby.

I could've helped him or I could take a picture.
He was thrilled with my choice.

Monday morning play mat board meeting.

In case we forget his name...
He is new in town.



  1. He is such a lovely mix of the two of you! Much British love from a long time reader across the pond.

  2. Oh Susie he is a total love!! So cute and I love his board meeting picture so cute!! Ellie is too short for her walker so she just kind of hangs there!


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