Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween from me and my favorite Halloweiner to you all.

(Is that Halloweiner reference too far? Because Fe has always called it Halloweiner and that woman is a hoot, so...meh. The line stands.)

Question: Did you know that the 8th Dwarf was Drooley?

Because it most certainly was.
Or Smiley, or NoSleepy, or PickyEatey. I think we'll go with Drooley.

Chuck's mom kind of nailed it with this costume, huh? She's a gem.

We figured the hat would be on borrowed time because who wants to wear a hat and a beard all day if you aren't on Duck Dynasty? Apparently Sam Allison. Kid rocked this hat and beard ensemble for 40 minutes while 300 children (we went back to school to party) pawed all over him and he loved every second of it.

I only took the hat of because we were done with it, not because he wanted it off. But I am looking forward to tomorrow's poo. I got a feeling I might see that beard again. (Too far? Again. Dang.)

Happy Halloween! Here's a few throwback Thursday Halloween pics from some of my favorite Halloweens in the past:


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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