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Well. The moving has started.
We're not moving. Sam is moving. The moving has started. Oh, lord, the end of a sweet era of inattention. Of set him anywhere. Of knowing-you-shouldn't-leave-him-on-the-bed-to-run-downstairs-but-you-do-anyways is over. I promise I'm a good mom. But maybe don't read yesterday's post, though, if you are on the fence.
Let's see, for starters, Sam is not where I left him on the center of his play mat but has rolled to his tummy against one side. He's thrilled with his life choice. Or not. We'll see if he can get himself out of this jam. I've told him it's a personal problem and he needs to work it out. He seems very receptive. Problem is he hasn't figured out how to go back the other way so he's currently trying to smother himself in our carpet.
This kind of behavior is super fun at night.
A night or so ago, he woke up at 1:30 because he's rude. That's a little harsh. He wanted to play and I can respect that. No I can't. He decided if he was up, maybe someone else in the house was up. It wasn't crying from the crib, it was for sure "MA! Wannnnna commmme plaaaaaay?!"
No Sam. I do not want to come play. I want to go back to my dream where I'm Katherine Pierce and the Salvatore brothers fight over me.
Ugh. He had unswaddled himself (never a good idea at night time) and had turned on the musical jungle that hangs on his crib - you know, the kind that looks like a TV and has lights and animals dancing around like a little baby rave. It was literally a party in there and Chuck and I were being invited. Actually VIP invited so we felt pretty cool when we got our late night dedication over the baby monitor. Nothing like waking up to monkeys, rain sounds, and baby coos.
Chuck marched in there and did the stern fatherly reswaddle (not so sure Chuck can really pull off stern...) and tried to shut the party down.
Screaming ensued (because no one likes getting a noise violation) but we were going for tough love (I know - Hells Angels better watch out) so we let it happen for a little cry it out session.
But then, the screaming changed.
We flipped on the monitor and someone had flipped themselves. Fully swaddled with no way to roll back over. He's such a helpless baby. He is so lucky he has us.
He was in full meltdown distress when I got in there so I picked him up and nursed him. I guess you can cancel the Hells Angels membership after all since I am a sucker for that boy. In my defense, he had gotten himself so worked up that he ate like it was Old Country Buffet and was sporting a Baby Lucy memorial belly when I laid him back in his crib.

He tried to fight it but, well, he can't resist the comfort of a swaddle...
Until he flipped himself again. See that little body against the crib? Face down and frozen like a beached whale?
So Chuck unswaddled just his wee baby arms and, after struggling to decide what was comfortable, he finally was out for the night.

Be honest. That's the most adorable sleeping pose you've ever seen? I know.
The good news in all of this is that at least I have the screen shots of our adventures at bedtime because our monitor goes to an app on our phones so thankfully I could document all his behaviors. And do so at pretty much every nap or when he does something cute. So pretty much every nap.
So, that's become our nightly normal now. He sleeps until he flips. But when will he learn to flip back or just live peacefully with his decision?!
Oh and I think he may have figured out where the monitor is or at least that it's something fun to look at. What'do'ya'think?


  1. Omg. I love that you have the photos!! Please tell me about your monitor. We are looking for one to get so we can move Ellie to her room at night. You are hysterical and have me in stitches over here.

  2. Yes I definitely think he knows what he is doing looking into the monitor like that. I am so glad they did not have these video monitors when I had do you know just lay in bed looking at how stinkin cute he is?? Absolutely adorable!!

  3. He is too adorable! I hate that I am about to be *that* person but my heart skipped a beat when I saw him on his stomach when he was swaddled. Once baby starts to flip over, it's time to stop swaddling or at least leave their arms out.

    Ok, feel free to hate me now but I would hate myself if I didn't say anything.

  4. Be that person Anonymous mom!!! We started pulling the arms out once he figured out how to flip and now he's in a sleep sack. The pic of him flipped while swaddled should explain why I went running down the hall screaming in my night gown (which is actually just shorts and a nursing bra).


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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