how i'm getting through today.

Sam has had a banner morning.

Not really, but I'm trying to convince myself it's a banner day by saying that over and over and then maybe it will be true. Actually he's being a bit of a turd. The cutest turd you've ever seen, and by far my favorite turd around, but still. Kind of a stinker today.

If left to his own devices this morning, he's a fuss mess so I'm left doing the mommy distraction dance to get us through the day or until he decides to be himself again, act his age and man up. What? He's four months old now. He can take it.

I busted out the Johnny Jump Up which is new to us. New to Sam. Not new to me. I know what a Johnny Jump Up is. I'm not that lame.

I sent an SOS pic to Chuck to let him know this is where we are at for the morning.

Chuck wrote back that Sam looked like Big Foot and please could I photoshop the two side by side for comparrison. And that if I blogged this photo to ask you to forgive the mess of a closet behind him. That's a lie. Chuck didn't say that. I'm projecting.

Of course that's exactly what I did during nap time - photoshopped the pictures, not cleaned the closet. Got nothing better planned to do during nap time. Photoshop and blog are way more fun. You are welcome.

And Chuck was right.

This is what I've accomplished today. That and Sam is alive and fed. Win for Friday.

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  1. Adorable. I didn't even notice the messy closet until after you have pointed it out.


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