the final pregnancy pact baby.

She's here.

Oops. Sorry. I got a little ahead of myself. Let me back it up like burp, burp.

As I'm sure you remember (because how could you not remember every detail of my life?), some of my friends and I ended up in a make shift pregnancy pact this year and in the last six months, we've popped out four babies. Obviously, there have been pregnancy pact allegation and obviously those rumors are totally true false.

I posted about the pregnancy pact here in what was basically an open love letter to my four best friends. Sue me. But never call me Sue.

Anywhoo. The fourth and final installment of Babypalooza 2013 is here. She's here! (now it makes a little more sense huh?)

Baby #4 (2013 edition) belongs to Emy.

For reference this is Emy. This is actually Emy and Me in 2002 - I think this is my first visit to her dorm room freshman year (I was a super cool sophomore in a short sleeved turtle neck who lived in an apartment off campus. I know. Hot stuff.).

Emy was due on a Tuesday but that sweetheart went into labor a few days early and super conveniently on a weekend. Jessica and I raced to the hospital to wait it out.

We are fabulous even at midnight, sans makeup and in "classy" pajamas since there would for sure be photo evidence of this day - I'm not kidding about this. Emy is in labor and we are texting about whether to wear sweats or leggings. It was a hotly debated topic and we settled on leggings. Naturally.

Baby Doll was born at 6:59 am (what a peach - the nurse got off at 7 so she either cut that one close or is super amazing already) and I got to VIP my butt into the room within minutes to take photos of her firsts, especially meeting her grandparents for the first time.

Emy said I could post some of the pictures from her morning, and then some of the newborn shoot we did a week later. I'm so blessed to have been a part of this incredible day in Emy's life and now to be a part of Camden's.

Camden Rose
September 15th, 2013
7 pounds, 12 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long

Emy and her Dad. I died.

And now some newborn pics with the most beautiful one week old around.


  1. Beautiful. She is gorgeous and I am so happy for everyone!! Yaya it is complete!! For now....

  2. love this so much!!!


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