t.g.i pajama friday

Right now is simultaneously the best and worst day of my week. It's Pajama Friday, which is the love of my life, but we are now seven days from our next Pajama Friday, which is too much to even think about.

Pajama Friday is the nice way of saying "Jessica and Susie are navigating the Stay at Home Mom life and need a day with another adult." We started doing this mid-July and we now base our whole weeks around it. Pajama Friday is sacred.

The rules of Pajama Friday are pretty simple.

1st rule of Pajama Friday: You do not talk about pajama Friday.

2nd rule of Pajama Friday: You DO NOT talk about pajama Friday.
(this is not actually a rule, obviously, but you see what I'm doing here, huh?)

3rd rule of Pajama Friday: If a baby cries or whines, help them while accusing them of ruining Pajama Friday.

4th rule of Pajama Friday: Only one baby awake at a time (two:one mommy is the only ratio to even talk about).

5th rule of Pajama Friday: No showering, no make up, no outfits.

6th rule of Pajama Friday: Naps will go on as long as they have to.

7th rule of Pajama Friday: If this is your first Pajama Friday, you HAVE to fight. Oops. That one is actually from Fight Club. My bad. That's not a real rule.

These are the happy faces of two mommies REALLY loving their Pajama Fridays. How could we not love this? We dedicate an entire day of the week to adult conversation, dual parenting during the day time, and staying in our pajamas like good housewives should. We are doing this so right.

We alternate houses. We eat whatever is in the fridge - that's like the ninth rule: no buying special food allowed. We don't get ourselves ready for the day and we don't get the babies ready either.

Oh and this goes on all day. Literally. I got to Casa de Jessica at 8:55 this morning and back home at 4:30. It helps that we live all of two miles apart, that we have boys growing up together, and that she also hung up her teacher scissors this year so we are going through some similar things right now.

Also, Pajama Friday is also Lunch Together Friday and Cocktail Friday. Today, we toned it down for Mocktail Friday with sparkling grape cider.

Just for full visual affect, because I'm such a giver, I took this winner today during the height of Pajama Friday. I labeled it for you because I love you.

T.G.I.Pajama Friday. And feel free to join us anytime. Everyone needs Pajama Friday.

Someone (cough) Sam Allison (cough) likes to vomit if I've had caffeine. So I have to BYO my own carafe because obviously a simple tumbler of coffee isn't going to work even if it's decaf
Jessica made us Blueberry Pancakes. I know. So fancy.
This was at 2:00.

We really strive for this whole "one baby up, one baby down" thing....

Actually, we didn't mean for this to happen but they always end up on opposite schedules on Pajama Friday and it's kind of nice. Today, they broke that rule in the afternoon, so we made them sit together for pictures. There are consequences for breaking the rules of Pajama Friday.

Happy Pajama and Regular Friday.
Go enjoy your weekend - Football season is back so how could you not?

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  1. How fun!! Both boys are adorbs and getting so big! Love that you two get to do this!!


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