tbt: head control is overrated.

Remember when Sam didn't have good head control?

Ugh. I do.

It was a magical time of shouting "watch his head!!!" at everyone who touched him, cradling him gently, and exploiting him. Mostly the exploiting him is what I miss.


Good parenting is based on exploitation. I'm pretty sure that's one of Einstein's laws of relativity or relatives or something like that. I'm like 90% on that. Whatever. I'll just edit wikipedia to match my statement.

I wish we had a better video of Chuck hypnotizing Sam but now with the whole "I have head control" thing, Sam has ruined our fun and we can't even reshoot the video if we wanted to. Unless we actually hypnotized him!!! Ooooh. This sounds like fun AND a way to meet our local CPS.

Throwing it waaaaay back to June when Sam was even easier to play with being that he didn't fight back... And to when Chuck would say things like "You are getting very sleepy...." "When you wake up, you won't be able to speak or control your arm movements." "You will have an uncontrollable craving for milk."

We called it hypnobaby, for the record.

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