sam's feelings on his first solid food.

"I think my face says it all. I'm in a Bumbo on a table and we all know a Bumbo is clearly labeled as a floor seat and, oh, what's that, I'm definitely not buckled in because, yep, this one doesn't even have buckles. What is going on here? I thought we were watching the Seahawks game together not tempting fate."

"Oh. Lord. What is that?"

"I don't think I like this. Why is this happening?"

"That's just not what usually goes in my mouth. FYI. First, you endanger my life in the Bumbo. Now, you insult my taste buds."

"Oh. We're doing this again. I didn't know this was a continuous thing."

"I'm Ok. I'm still alive and I'm not hating it as much as I did before. I wonder if it tastes better than my hands."

{nom, nom, nom, nom}

"You two are really pushing this aren't you? What am I missing here?"

"First of all, do I or do I not look like a little English gentleman here? Second of all, upon further review, I do not hate whatever you have mixed with Mom Juice."

"Be a friend, do I have anything on my face? Not so much here....or here...but"

"Oh, I do? Whoopsie daisy."

"Is that better? Do I look as cute as ever? Good. I'll try your food again tomorrow."


  1. So cute!! How fun! Can't wait to start Ellie on some solids too!!!

  2. That boy is the SPITTIN' IMAGE of his Daddy!!


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