ok. so. he really, really hates it.

This is the face of someone who is so committed to their hatred of rice cereal they forced a vomit all over the first bib they've ever warn. You can see it all down his right side. First he spits it back and then to be really vindictive, he spends a few seconds gagging himself until all remnants of rice cereal that ever touched him come spewing back out. I wonder where he gets such bevior from...yikes.

And in the happiest voice: "No Mom! I mean I like really, really hate this stuff!"

At least, at the very least, he has a good attitude about this. Who smiles after vomiting? Oh that's right. Me. I love a good puke and rally. Don't take that the wrong way. This is puke and rally in the "I kind of have a tummy ache", "I don't think that meal sat well", etc. I'm a really good puker. Always makes me feel better. What? Too far. Not far enough? Want me to keep going? I can...

Apparently being a good puker is a gene. This guy has it. Who knew.

I should have known better than to try rice cereal again. Sunday he was indifferent. Yesterday he started crying during his faux meal - which is like the 4th time he's ever cried so that should have been my clue that we are not a rice cereal fan. Then today, he vomits it up.

Did I learn? Nah. I tried one more spoonful and got this face.

Hating it with gusto. That's more like it!

That judgy face. Talk about genes. You're welcome for that look, Sam.
Oh and thanks much for your applauds on my one hand feeding, one hand picture taking abilities. I know. I'm amazing.

Maybe the gene we should be talking about here is the one he got from his Dad: we call it RTC. That's resistant to change. Maybe he's just a little resistant to changing from his typical diet, and having a hard time dealing with the change. I know one former 27 year old who 'bout had a heart attack when his Mom got rid of the 28 year old microwave she'd had since his birth and he didn't get to say goodbye. I can't make this stuff up.

This is the gene pool Sam is working with. He gets puking from me and the inability to handle new things from his Dad. I have a feeling showers of green peas are in my future.

But in his defense, I tried the rice cereal and that judgy look would also be my face if asked to describe it. I imagine - though I have no basis for this - that rice cereal is probably what a butt tastes like. We will move on to other foods and leave the rice cereal for a while.

You know those last two pictures I took? I felt like I'd seen that look before somewhere.

Oh that's right. I saw this same look three years ago when I tried feeding Lucy tortellini. See. The whole thing is genetic.

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