four months for sammy.

Happy 4-month birthday to this guy.

I am so excited to be someday doing 32nd month birthday updates. I'm sure you will love them so much in a few years when I'm sending my little 64-month old off to kindergarten. Maybe by then he won't still sleep in our room.


Ok. So he sleeps in his room sometimes. But then it gets hot, and we have AC in our room, so we let him have Pack n' Play sleep overs with us. Then it cools off and we are always a little slow on the move back. I'll claim the IVF card on this one - we didn't have him for a long time and now we plan to over love the you-know-what out of him and we like to be with him always. On a related topic, no woman will ever be good enough for my Sam.

I even took the Pack n' Play down and out of our room thinking that if it wasn't an option, obviously we would stop this and let him be the big boy that he is and sleep in his room, but no - we definitely set it up one night whilst I was dream feeding him (we'll move on to that behavior next) to keep him with us because it was marginally warm in the house.

We are those people.
We are a hot mess with love.
We are probably ruining him, but he's ours to ruin so...meh.

And the dream feeding... I'm sure this is one of those behaviors that ensures he won't learn to read in first grade but I am super fine with it because it's helping us sleep.

First off, thanks bunches for all your insight and support last month when I had my smidgen of a melt down over Sam's sleeping/regression back to newborn status. We ultimately decided that we wanted to keep him breast milk only so we have continued to hold off on the formula (we haven't needed it yet) and rice cereal (although the latter is just about to be introduced). That's what felt right to us and at the end of the day, the one thing I have learned in my whole four months of doing this (which makes me an expert) is if you aren't happy with it or comfortable with it, don't do it. If you are happy and comfortable, fine fine - see example of Pack n' Play still in our room.

Anywhoo. To help Sam sleep, I started "dream feeding" him. Apparently, Fe had to do this with me so turnabout is fair play, huh? Basically, Sam is down for the night and before I go to bed, I sneak in and feed him again while he's asleep. He never wakes up. I guess this is called "dream feeding" but if we are in the circle of trust, and I hope we are, I definitely call it Angel Feeding in my head because I am the Angel of Milk (and then obviously I sing a version of Angel of Music from Phantom of the Opera that I wrote to fit the occasion. If you think I'm joking, you for sure don't know me.).

It has worked amazingly and he is back to waking up at 5 am for a quick hit and then for good at 6:30 - it's a genetic thing with the Allisons to reject the first wake up attempt. And it's a Susie thing to love me some sleeping through the night.

He's still the best baby. Obviously.
He's perfect in every way. How could he not be?
He's literally getting better each day.

How is it possible to love him more than I already do?
But I know I will tomorrow.

{Sam's photo dump from his August happenings - he's so hot right now}


Quick question: what do you think they're looking at on his phone?

And here are the four monthly shots together... Look at him grow!


  1. He is adorable and I love him! So cannot wait for Ellie to marry him!! Lol. I can't get over how big he is getting and love seeing those monthly shots side by side!!

  2. I love seeing these pictures! Obviously he has a thing for work Maggie and is mad you tagged along for the date.


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