the three month man-child

The Man-Child turned three months on Sunday.
He is enormous. There is just no other way to say it. The kid is a tank. Bottom line, the wind blows, he's not tipping over. Win?

We had a great month. We went in the pool for the first time (loved it). We spent a lot of time with friends. We went on our first "vacation" to Grandma's house over the mountains and through the woods - no, no woods, but I went with the song. I got carried away. And THEN we regressed from sleeping 7-9 hours a night back to 4-6.

People. I am raising Benjamin Button. Only, more like, sleeping habits are regressing but he's aging like Robin Williams in Jack. This kid is confusing. By 9 weeks old, he was sleeping 9 hours a night, I had my mother of the year plaque printed up and was finishing up my novel on how I am amazing at parenthood.

THEN, Mr. Baby decided that he super missed our 2 am nursing dates and started those up again. I understand that I am quite a catch at 2 am but Sammy. Please. We were past that.

I was pretty sure I knew the culprit: When it gets anywhere over about, oh 82.5 degrees outside - roughly - his room becomes a sauna. Since angel face still has to be swaddled because he loved my tight tummy so much (ps. you know who also liked my tight tummy, Samuel? Me- and now I have the skin remains of a 120-something pound woman who cooked an 11 pound baby. I digress.), we can't leave him in a room that's baked all day in the sun. So, like the good parents we are, we allow him to join the boomerang generation and move back in with us - via the Pack n' Play - and enjoy the A/C unit that lives in our room.

And he is not a quiet sleeper - big grunter this one is, often referred to as "Grunt Baby" - so I was pretty sure between the grunting, the Pack n' Play, and the forcing him to sleep with Mom and Dad caused the regression. Thank God the heat let up and we could move him back.

Only guess what didn't let up?

The 2 am dates. Though sometimes it's 3 am and if I'm really, really lucky, we get all the way to 4 am. I have obviously taken this regression very well, and by very well, I mean are you familiar with Bella Swan in New Moon? Chuck is such a wonderful parent raising two children right now. The man is a saint. Someone buy him something, and by something, I mean a plane ticket outta here.

I am open to suggestions, if you have any.

Here is what I can tell you about Mr. Anti-Sleep-Through-the-Night-I-Love-My-Mom-Time: He is the best napper. He put himself on a wonderful day time schedule and I adore him for it. He's up about an hour and a half and then basically puts himself down for his nap at exactly the 90 minute mark. If I haven't realized what time it is, I get the cutest like one syllable cry and a nose rub, and we are swaddled for a 90 minute nap. Easy peasy. Sometimes we can go a little longer awake, which means sometimes we nap two hours. He feeds when he wakes up so every three hours. Bedtime is around 8:30. We try for a "double feed" - I feed him at 6:30, then Chuck gives him a bottle of boob juice at 8:30 and he's out by 9.

And then up at 2 am - and you can HEAR his stomach growling. He is starved. I can't blame him. He's a 9 month old trapped in a 3 month old's body. Do I give him a hit of formula before bed? Do I start some rice cereal a month ahead of doctor's schedule? Do I just quit complaining because I have a very good baby who - though we had it better - could sleep a whole lot worse?

Oh I love that Mr. Baby and honestly, the night time feedings wouldn't be so bad if 1)I didn't have insomnia right now 2) see #1. For example, last night at 12:30, Jack came in for a snuggle (everyone loves me at night time in this house). After throwing him out of our room with impressive force, I never fell back asleep. I fed Sam at 2:30 and finally got back to bed at 3 am. Someone needs to swaddle me, apparently. Wait. We did that. I hated it.

On a separate note, anyone in the market for a slightly used, formerly loved cat? Kidding. I love him. I don't. But I do.

My concern is just hungry boy. I'm a fantastically neurotic first time Mom and I want to make sure my kid is full and fine. It's not like he minds the midnight feeding - he's all smiles and then all business when we get up together - so I'm pretty sure he couldn't care less that he's hungry as long as I'm there to feed him.

So. Do I try a little formula (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with formula -other than the price-  we just haven't had to yet) or do I give him some rice cereal before the 4 month mark? Or do I just accept that it is what it is and he'll probably go back to long stretches once solids start?

And now that you've read this, I feel you know better what Chuck goes through each day everyday. Bless his heart. And bless yours for still reading. The five of you who made it this far. Congrats. I reward you with pictures of Sam from the past month. Please to enjoy. I'm gonna go take a nap.

Snuggles with Aunty Libby go on his "Things I Love" list.

Oh and yes, that is a cloth diaper on him. Can we talk about that another time? I love them so you actually do not even want to get me started on that topic.

Such a happy baby.
That's all that matters, right?


  1. SO CUTE!!! You're not really asking, are you? Don't you have one HUNDRED baby books in your house?!

    I started giving my first cereal in her bottle (I even used a pin to make the hole in the nipple bigger) around 3 months, I think. She slept so much better after that. I probably damaged her for life . . .

    My fourth baby (age 2 now) is adopted and she started sleeping through the night at Sam's age and was only on formula.

    My other two were exclusively breastfed and didn't sleep through the night until at LEAST six months. Of course, my kids weren't the size of Mister Ed . . . ;)

    You're doing a GREAT job!!!

  2. Broken record, Part XXVII -

    Look, the kid is a toddler. Feed him like a toddler. Do you feed a gorilla what is fed to a lemur? OK, not saying you birthed a primate. Well, not TOTALLY saying that, at least.

    Personally, I should think you would get mother of the year for spitting in the eye of Dr Spock or whoever is the Gen whatever childless expert on raising children. Feed him!

    FAIR WARNING: next time I see him he's getting cheese pizza and garlic bread.



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