the last shower of 2013.

And that concludes Baby Shower season 2013. We freaking did it.

Saturday, we threw a baby shower for this guy:

Ok. Fine, so we technically threw it for both of them (Kevin AND Emy) but I just like pretending it was Kevin's shower and Emy tagged along. Oh and I don't even have a picture of them together, happily enjoying their baby shower, so Baby Girl will just have to take my word for it that her parents are very in love, very in love with her already, and did actually hang out together. I just have no hard evidence of that. Ooops.

I do have hard evidence, Baby Girl, that your mom is very in love with her girl friends.

Does that count?
It should. We are fabulous.

And we throw a pretty fabulous party. Get your pinterest buttons ready.

We decided that since this was the third baby shower of the year and fourth total for our posse that maybe we should switch things up a bit and do a co-ed summer BBQ. Mostly we needed an excuse for a BBQ and it's about time the boys had to suffer through a shower, ooohing and aaaahing over burp cloths and wipes warmers.

PK was actually one of said boys who had to "suffer" through the shower. He said he's almost 60 and this was his first baby shower. "I almost made it." Nice try PK. Nice try.

Since Emy is having the one and only Baby Girl of 2013 in the group, we decided to make headbands for our almost-here-angel. This was in lieu of a game and though none of us our big "craft" people typically, this was a hoot.

Andrea (see picture below for visual of her beautiful face) compiled all the supplies. Flowers from Michaels, felt pieces, scrapbooking stickers, etc and you have a head band table. Also, Emy - don't read this part - the actual head bands are really cheap. Like 12 for $3 cheap. We even made a few of the felt flowers on our own thanks to Pinterest and a lazy weekend back in July.

And the icing on the headband cake, was the stand that Andrea made. It's a tacky candle stick holder from Goodwill that she spray painted white, an oatmeal box wrapped in fabric and she added the cute little balls because everything Andrea makes is special like that.

People made headbands throughout the party and added them to the holder, inside and out. By the end, we had this to give to Emy:

This was one of our better moves.

Until one of the boys (not this boy, he's just the male model) made a headband from a pom-pom. See, this is the risk you run having men folk at a baby shower. That and the headband with Coors light bottle caps attached to it. Don't think I have a picture of that one, so just take my word for it. It was...special.

Since it was a BBQ, Dania (with slave labor help from Libby and Jessica) made hamburger cupcakes.

They even made me a "Big Mac" cupcake.

I love them so.
Chuck wondered if I could eat said Big Mac cupcake in one bite.
Challenge accepted.

Jessica made Emy a beer cake, because we've perfected the diaper cake so this is us moving on. Obviously, much like a diaper cake, this is for use AFTER the pregnancy. There are all the traditional baby gifts inside the beer cake - washcloths, onesies, etc. This felt so right for Emy's shower, a BBQ shower, and a shower where men were. Except most of the men didn't get the humor behind it because they weren't familiar with diaper cakes. The women on the other hand - huge crowd pleaser.

And that about does it.

Our last shower of the year. Now we have four weeks or so until we meet our Baby Girl, who will come on time if she is her mother's child and knows what's good for her. In college, Emy would have a panic attack if she was less than 10 minutes EARLY to class. If this baby comes anywhere but early to on time, well. Good luck, babe. We're rooting for you.

This one is Andrea (and Libby) - see I told you I'd point out her gorgeous face. Andrea is a fabulous and the stuff dreams are made of. Someday she will come and redecorate my house and life. Until then...

That is how Sam slept the entire party. Take it in.

Oh and remember what I said about the "over loving"? That continued.

And this is what the after-shower looks like.

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  1. Love this! Love that the headband making was a hit! Love that it was coed-the only way to shower!! And the beer cake is my fave thing ever!!! Can't wait for Thomas's birthday next June so I can make one!


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