taking family pictures with one chuck allison.

Isn't that such a nice family picture of us?
I'm so happy with it, it's so perfect, can't wait to have it made into an uncomfortably large poster sized print that I can stare at forever, blah blah blah.

Let's talk about Chuck taking family pictures.

During our quick sunset session, we were trying to take a nice father-son picture, something of Chuck and his mini-me that I could have and hold and cherish. So the photographer (my lovely friend Dannie) and I are cooing to Sam, doing the camera jumping dance, and making a real you-know-what of ourselves in this field to get Sam to look (I gave up on the smile dream once we hit 7 o'clock AKA the witching hour).

"Hi buddy!"
"Right here big boy!"
"Oh so good!"
"Who's the best smiler?"

I know you can hear exactly how I'm saying this.

Sam wasn't having any of it.
But good news, Chuck Allison was.

"Hi Buddy!"

"Right here big boy!"

"Oh so good!"
"Who's the best smiler?"

I'm going to place an order for all of these, obviously, just let me know how many you want - maybe we can get them in bulk. I feel like it hasn't been said enough, but let's all remember that he can fly airplanes.


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  1. I love these!! So happy for your family photos! They are great, Chuck is a natural. What a great location!!


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