obviously sam can already talk.

Duh. He's three months old and of course he is already talking. I'm not saying "cooing", I mean actual words. Is your three month old not doing that? Yikes.

I'm only kidding.
Well, kind of kidding. Wink.

So I got an SOS, 911 "house is on fire" type text from Chuck's sister, Nan, that she missed Mr. Baby something fierce and needed a little something to get her through. Since Sam is a big coo-er these days, I thought a video of him "talking" would be just what she needed.

Except Sam decided that instead of cooing he would just actually say "Hi" to his Aunt Nan. Or at least make a coo that sounds so much like "Hi" we are dying over it. Because it is adorable and proves what we've known since day one, which is that he is crazy advanced, should start kindergarten in September, and will one day belong in the gifted program in our school district. He is clearly bored and needs to be challenged (just a little edu humor for my teacher friends).

I'm thinking I probably can't count this as his first word in his baby book since he can't actually replicate this or do it on command. Wait. No. I mean, he can do it again, he just chooses not to. He is so advanced for his age.

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  1. Omg I am dying!! I love that you have it on video!!!


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