lucy (the over loving) wonder girl.

So. We just got done having Lucy for a few days. It was bananas around here with the two kids so those of you out there rocking 2+, The Allisons send their Congratulations. Incidentally, I have decided to rename our frozen embryos Baby 2063 and Baby 2073. Sam will be 50 - 60 and I will be ready to potentially handle another child.

Until then....

Lord. That was a weekend. I'd say I need a weekend from my weekend but I don't work so everyday is Saturday in my life (not actually, this SAHM stuff is legit). But seriously. How Chuck went to work today is beyond me. I, for sure, would have called in with a case "The Four Year Old 'WHY?' Exhaustion". I hear that's going around.

Lucy has been in town for the past 10 days and we got to have her all to ourselves for a few of those. We were so excited, we could barely decide what to do with her first. We miss having her here so much. She, however, couldn't have cared less about Bubba and Me. We play second and third fiddle now, respectively, to the love of her life, her baby "brother" Sam.

Lucy has a little difficulty containing her excitement for Sam and tends to "over love" him. She literally cannot control her love. I walked out of the shower on Friday to hear "No, Lucy, you can't carry him!" And then saw the tiniest little baby feet being drug away. Chuck was almost fast enough and good thing Sam has some head control.

I feel like maybe I'm not painting a good enough picture of what Sam just went through. Allow me to demonstrate said "over loving" in pictures. You know I work better with photos than with words.

First, just a quick pic of the three Amigos watching One Direction "Kiss You" for the 17th time. Yes, Lucy is wearing a Flamenco dress. Thank you for noticing. Fe and PK brought it back for her from Spain a few weeks ago and that's about the last time she wore anything else. Also, am I the only one who thought it was Flamingo dresses? I swear I learn something new every day because I am non-smart. What a moron.

And then the over loving began. And you can already see in the below picture that Sam, even at just three months, understands when trouble is starting and the meaning of "down hill".

Bigger is better in Lucy's world with Sam so if looking at him from two feet away is good...

Practically crawling inside of him must be even better. Girlfriend is all up in his business. She remained there for nearly 48 hours plus.

Then she decided to play with his face and Chuck and I did a great job stopping it. Great. Job. I wonder why she isn't learning to control her love. Should we have been teaching her? Whoops. Enabling and facilitating are way more fun than parenting. Plus we are the aunt and uncle. This is what we are for.

We were fine with it.

Sam was not, and this is the face I got.
Yikes. Holy judgy, "How could you?" face, Sam. Someone knows I made a conscious choice not to intervene and is with it.

She really is great with him.
And tsunamis are also really great with water.
Kidding. But not.

Sam went through the weekend pretty gracefully, considering his abrupt demotion from only-child to second born. No crying when she repeatedly shoved pacifiers in his mouth ("I think he wants this!") or when his play mat was violently shaken over his head (because if a little jiggling can make the toys make noise, a lot - think Hurricane Katrina force - must be better). Or when his face was aggressively pet while he was trying to sleep, his soft spot most likely decimated, and his hearing very tested.

It was an amazing few days with her, and now, as it always is when she leaves - the house is too quiet and I'm a little sad. I miss my little friend. Sam has basically slept for 24 hours to recover, and I'm picking up art supplies and baby dolls and all the Lucy-things we've collected over the years that she pulls out during her visits. We miss her so and I know it won't be long before Sam understands what it feels like to miss her too.

****Some more pics from her visit. I'm allowed to blow you up with Lucy photos all at once because it's not every day anymore so enjoy this face.****

Count it. Probably 10,000 pictures of Lucy and this is for sure my all time favorite. She's literally jumping for joy that we are going to Burger Master.

Aren't we the best parents to Sam when she's around?
We did a great job of making him the second born, huh?

After Chuck took this picture, I said "Is it a good one? Were they both looking?!" He says, "Uh huh, sure." I see what he means.

One hand on her fries. One hand on her baby. That's how she rolls.

First ever cousin bath.
Also the first time Sam had a cup of water poured on his face. And the first time he peed on her. A day of firsts all around.

In the morning, we walked to the lake to feed the ducks and play at the park. A standard Lucy activity. Her pick.

I have no idea where she gets that mouth from.

Oh. Wait.

Chuck earned a "Dad badge" by giving Lucy a shoulder ride with Sam in the Ergo. He's carrying roughly 1/3rd of his body weight. Oh Chaz.

We wore her butt out.
He decided to eat his arm.

We miss her face.


  1. So adorable. I am so happy they got to have cousin time!!

  2. Oh Lu. BTW - I love that dress, I totally see Flamingo.


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