i can't believe i found these.

Don't you just love when you have a Dumb and Dumber moment and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF. This is about to be one of those moments for me. Giddy up.

Way back when I was pregnant and three of my BFFs were pregnant too (if you missed that little news bulletin, I blogged about it here), we had our monthly dinner. We knew it would probably be our last dinner before Jessica had Lucas, since by then she was 38 weeks, full of baby, and things were thinning and opening and all that fun early, early, early labor stuff. He had put her on notice.

We decided we should probably take a few funny pictures together as the four pregnant crazies before we dropped to three pregnant crazies (and a crazy with a newborn), because obviously that is what you do after dessert. Chuck took the pictures, we laughed so hard there may have been some wettening (what? bladders loosen in pregnancy, jeesh) and it was the most fun in 10 minutes that we'd had in a long time. The girls couldn't wait to see the pictures and I couldn't wait to blog them because together, we are (were) a pregnant hoot.

But then I lost the pictures (waaaa, waaaa).

I realized right after Lucas was born, which was about 10 days later, that I'd never dumped the pictures onto my computer. I looked for them every where. And by every where, I mean all fifty billion (not a hyperbole) memory cards that I own. I looked in every "The Girls" folder I have on my computer - coincidentally, there are about 50 billion of those too - and nothing. Most of my memory cards were empty because I'd done a massive delete fest in anticipation of Lucas' birth. And every "event" that was around the taking of our blessed pregnant group picture/love fest had been transferred to my computer and were gone from the cards.

I took it pretty well. And by pretty well, I mean, I never mentioned the pictures again and kind of hoped they would forget I took them. I think it was like a week ago that I finally came clean that I had deleted them on accident, because I was a pregnant moron rushing out the door to her friend's delivery. I had a fairly good excuse, but still. It was a special time and I had lost our picture evidence.

(This is the part where I totally redeem myself).

I don't know how I missed this memory card or, more likely, just missed seeing the folder on the card (refer back to where I called myself a pregnant moron), but I missed them. They were there the whole time. I found them on Monday and this is me telling Emy, Jessica and Dania that I didn't delete them and I'm not as dumb as we thought. Well, probably not as dumb.

And now the pictures can be on here. Which is where they always should have been.

Obviously, we had to take a FUTURE BFF/CURRENT BFF picture for the new tribe to see how they began. Kind of like the petite ya-yas. Only more awesome.

And things just went down hill from there as they have the tendancy to do. And thank god Chuck knows us well enough to just keep taking pictures.

And farther down, and actually far enough down hill that things became blog INappropriate so we will stop here. It usually doesn't take long for things to rapidly go that direction with us and it's been that way for more than a decade now, so I don't see us maturing anytime soon.

I guess you could say this is my second straight TBT because this did happen five months ago, but oh well. Oh and don't you love how Jessica is 38 weeks pregnant and a little more than a week from going into labor and I'm a mere 28 weeks and clearly already bigger than her? Sam's birth weight should NEVER have been a surprise to anyone.

So. There you go, ladies. I found the pictures. And it goes without saying that I love you all to the moon and back.

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