a very special new family

I have waited a week to post this - so excited to share. Not that I was holding out on you - photo editing takes time. Rome and family pictures were not built in a day.

Oh, and that brings me to a separate point, I'm back to doing photoshoots. I'm so happy. I've been so blessed to be invited into so many lives through photography and I am excited to be back to it post-Sam.

And I have been truly blessed to be invited into this new family's life - and to take their long awaited first family pictures. Story time, people. Happy Monday.

When we talked a while back about that terrible and uncomfortable word - infertility - and I shared Chuck and My struggles to bring Sam into the world, I mentioned in that post that there were three other women I reached out to during our battle, who I knew had or were facing infertility. And I told you how hard I clung to those women - because sometimes you need to know other people are going through it and that you really aren't alone - and how I hoped that maybe I could be that person for others to pay it forward for all the support I received.

Ashley was one of the women I reached out to. Ashley and I went to middle school together - briefly before I moved - and then ended up at the same college. Then we ended up Facebook friends and thank God for Mark Zuckerberg. Sometimes, sadly, Facebook is a life saver.

Ashley was always so bravely open about her struggles to conceive a child (you can read her story here). She was incredibly brave in sharing on Facebook and also on her blog (Life on the Parsons Farm), something that at the time, I couldn't even dream of. After years of trying and treatment, Ashley and her husband looked to adopt, and that's about the time I emailed Ashley for help, for guidance, and for someone to lean on who could say "I know." And absolutely mean it.

About this time last year, Chuck and I met with the adoption agency that Ashley was "on" with. She was right - they were amazing. We didn't know at the time if our "Hail Mary" fifth IVF round would work but we knew - like Ashley and Thomas knew - that we were all meant to be parents and that somehow, we would get there.

Fast forwarding a bit, and we were finally pregnant with Sam and Ashley said - and I loved this - that we were the first couple in a long time that she wasn't jealous of. I knew exactly what she meant. And I cried a few months later when she emailed to say they were getting their baby too. A girl, in May, to be born just a few weeks after Sam.

Each of us spent years trying to have the families we knew we were destined to have and though we took different paths to get there - long, trying paths - we became Moms within two weeks of each other. Her baby girl found her and Sam came to us and everything seems so right.

The adoption process is an unbelievably long one, but a beautiful one in the end. The gift Ashley and Thomas were given is incredible. Ellie Faith is so loved, so wanted, and so treasured - by so many people.

As we walked together last Monday during their photoshoot, we talked about how all the hurt, the pain, the anger, had vanished the moment we saw our babies and somehow it was like it had never happened. That's the funny thing about miracle babies - they have a way of fixing everything and making you right again.

I am so blessed that I had a chance to photograph this new family.

{The Parsons Family}
Thomas, Ashley and Ellie Faith - 10 weeks old and not quite to Sam's birth weight...


  1. This post makes me so happy! I dealt with infertility for a while trying to get Jordyn and I know that feeling when you finally get your baby and you're so grateful it happened the way it happened and God made you wait for that perfect one. This little girl is precious! Congrats to your friend!

  2. yay! love seeing these. Luckily to have such a talented friend like you.

  3. Oh my stars . . . that photo of Ellie Faith laying on the blanket and looking right at you? UH-MAZing!!!


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