we have a two month old

Okay so we've had a two month old for four whole days now and I haven't blogged about it. In the mommy blog world, I think this probably makes me a sub par parent and the likelihood of the baby being taken away from us is at an all time high. Whatever. We were on vacation.

Anyways. Two months.
They have been amazing and fantastic and every single cliche any new parent always says. There is nothing new I can say. It's just plain wonderful.

I get asked a lot about Sam's temperament and what he's actually like - aside from the stages of grief when he wakes up and his miracle baby status. Well, he's definitely his father's son. And Thank.God. He's super chill, super relaxed, and probably super likely to just love that ship's wheel in a few years and appreciate the craftsmanship in making it. Sam wants to be a part of everything which, apparently, is exactly like Baby Chuck was. But with all this "just like Dad" talk, there is the concern about time management as he ages, love of puns, and the ability to beat a joke into the ground. Time will tell.

The truth is that Sam is a very, very good baby. People say how lucky we got. We know we are. He rarely has melt downs, and his crying is more like a civil protest until things change, then he's fine. We swaddle him, lay him in his crib and walk away at bed time. He's been sleeping well since day one and when he wakes up it's a quick feed, a diaper change, a burp and back down. There's no coaxing him back to sleep or talking him off the ledge. We've never actually had a night time scream fest. Knock.On.Wood.

I know. Don't hate us.

But, here is why I don't feel bad:

We didn't go for the free baby/complimentary baby model that's available on the market. We paid up. A lot. When you pay for a Mercedes, you expect heated seats and leather interior. We paid for the premium "angel baby" package and Sam is not disappointing us. He has a lifetime warranty of love and was worth every penny.

Here are some pics of our Sammy - two month extraordinaire.

This is what we call a strong gene pool.

There is a constant issue with the other baby in the mirror. The other baby is often seen being held by Sam's mom and dad, and staring at Sam. Sam is not a fan of him.

This is his best friend Lucas and they are holding hands and no, I did not stage this. Oh and speaking of Jenny Craig, they are actually two months apart but the same size. And Lucas is big for a four month old. These boys are tanks and wearing six month clothing.

The first smile we caught on camera. Thank god for iPhones. Check out that dimple. Hello, Ladies. He is now giving away smiles for free so expect a lot more of this face to show up.


  1. I asked my husband how old he thought Sam was and he guessed 6 months. And his guesses are almost always spot on. That's one big dude you've got there.

  2. I can't get over how adorable that kid is. Seriously. I am picky. And he is one handsome dude. Also, hijack: I saw a TON of nuun at the Wasatch Ragnar. So thought of you guys lots. :)


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