tbt - blog edition.

I hate social media "trends".

Like when everyone did the pic of a celebrity they look like thing or the whole bra-color Facebook status thing. I don't know why I hate them so much, but I do. Maybe because I hate most things until proven OK - like innocent until proven guilty but this is just me being super judgy. I am a gem. It's a wonder I'm married AND have friends.

BUT. I kind of love this whole "throwback Thursday" trend that's going on right now. It makes me so sad that I like something like this so much. And even sadder that I'm...
1. Admitting it
2. About to put it on my blog. A part of me is dying.

So in my whole updating the blog BECAUSE I HAD A BABY (sorry, it hasn't gotten old yet) movement, I updated the "About Us" and "FAQ of Life" sections on the blog. Did you even know those existed? Well they do. On a computer, they are at the top of the page under the masthead. On the mobile view, you can find them in a drop down bar that right now says "The Bliz-og" but...get this... click the arrow and you will see the other pages. I know...who knew?! Life and the Internet are full of endless wonders.

On these pages, I have some links to past blog posts. This is why I love the blog. I have my whole life since 2009 documented in words and pictures. It's fantastic because I can barely remember what I had for lunch on Monday, let alone what we did for Mother's Day 2009 (incidentally, we went to Pike Place Market and my dad threw a napkin at some strangers. Read here. He is also a gem and that is where I get my gem-ness from. Ps. That post is during the "trying to find my voice" era on the blog. It's a little rough in the writing. Forgive me.).

I got to laughing at some of these old posts because it's been long enough that I don't even remember writing them and sometimes I am marginally funny or Chuck is really funny, and who knew?! Rare glimpses of greatness. Is it OK to laugh at your own posts? Or is that like thinking you are pretty? How bad is this? Please to let me know where I'm at on the "I don't really like you anymore" scale. I can't be the only one that has one of those.

So TBT on the blog today is one of my all time favorite "That sounds about right" moments, in case you forgot how amazing things were around here before Sam came and I started blogging about poop. And maybe you needed a giggle to get through Thursday.

Throwback Thursday, Allison Wonderland Style.

Do you remember when we did this?

And then thought it was really funny, so we did stuff like this to him?

Because I had kind of forgotten. Or blacked it out. Tough to tell.

Maybe this is why we didn't really meet our neighbors until four years later, once we'd had Sam. Apparently, the neighborhood likes "Mom and Dad" Chuck and Susie a lot better than "26 and shouldn't be allowed to own a home" Chuck and Susie. Who knew? You can read allllll about it here. And see what else we dressed Mr. Arborvitae up like.

I hate that I did this TBT post, but now have invested too much of nap time into it and nap times cannot be wasted. So there.

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  1. I hope you do this every week, I knew about the tree but not the Mother's Day "incident"......hilarious!!


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